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a protective structure of stone or concrete

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Other than the mega infrastructure projects of the Build, Build, Build program under the Duterte administration, the Maasin City coastal by pass road cum seawall is among those big ticket infrastructure projects that shall be constructed in the countryside, it added.
A bus is driven past a seawall in Yamada village, Iwate Prefecture, Japan, March 3, 2018.
And] when younger ones are older they will follow my footsteps by building a seawall [too].
For the village-wide audio, OSA used Dante to provide audio at both the seawall and the grandstands.
The seawall will be built up to 20 feet above sea level to protect against a storm at least the size of Sandy--the "300 year-level" storm, while incorporating wetlands and recreational options for a comprehensive coastal resiliency solution.
Mount Gibson suspended operations at Koolan Island in November 2014 following a seawall failure that resulted in the flooding of the Main Pit.
The Laurence Harbor seawall, which makes up part of the site, was reported to have had metal slag from blast furnace bottoms deposited along the beachfront in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Littlehaven Promenade and Seawall is one of a number of regeneration projects dedicated to achieving our vision of making South Shields the North East's premier coastal resort.
The height of the seawall appeared to be designed on the basis of run-up height calculation of storm waves since no large historic records of tsunami were available in this region.
Big snook start knocking baits against seawalls right around the first week of April.
The PS5m Littlehaven Promenade and Seawall project in South Shields has been shortlisted for a further three awards.
MARINE AND COASTAL ACCESS ACT 2009 PART 4: MARINE LICENSING APPLICATION FOR A MARINE LICENCE FOR SEAWALL AND REVETMENT REPAIR WORKS, INCLUDING ROCK ARMOUR PLACEMENT, LLANFAIRFECHAN Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Part 4, Chapter 1, Section 68 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 that Alun Griffith (Contractors) Ltd has applied to Natural Resources Wales, acting on behalf of the Licensing Authority, for a marine licence to conduct repairs to the seawall and revetment and deposit of rock armour at Llanfairfechen, Conwy.
Staff from CELSA Manufacturing UK joined representatives from Cardiff Council, Protea Services and Keep Wales Tidy to clean up Seawall Road.
Summary: With the long-term project to turn Sidon's notorious dumpsite into a proper landfill completed in early July, a new report has praised the recently constructed seawall for having stimulated the re-emergence of marine life.