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Consumer-centric Technological Innovations in Seating Systems to Uphold Market Growth Automobile manufacturers are constantly seeking novel and innovative products to meet the burgeoning consumer expectations for comfort, luxury, and safety inside vehicles.
We note the word seating which occurs in the following context: 'prominent leaders too are currently seating on the fence.' Preceded as it is by the verb are (a form of be), the word seating is presented presumably in its present participle (or -ing) form.
Japan Airlines has over a dozen different seating configurations just for their 747s and American Airlines has two very different 777 First Class configurations.
* Bayer Polymers has developed a blow molding technology that is putting new bounce into shock-absorbent seating for motorcycles, snowmobiles, tractors and off-road vehicles.
"What we did was move our home side to the east side where we had room to increase seating to 5,200--an increase of about 1,200 seats."
Pel Stadium Seating, a division of Midlands-based interior fit-out specialists Support Services Group, has awarded UK and Ireland sole distribution rights for its new all plastic stadium seat to Cheltenham firm Stadium Seating.
One of the revisions is a performance requirement for the size of leg openings and occupant seating space that helps prevent entrapment and submersion incidents.
Ice can be used for company dining areas or outdoor seating in cafes.
Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and independent living centers often seem to be caught in a "no man's land" when it comes to finding general seating. On the one hand, the cumbersome hospital chair provides neither the residential aesthetics that residents prefer nor the broad utility operators need in common spaces.
Whether it is dropping a line in a quiet creek or behind the wheel for long passages in rough water, comfort has always been the cynosure in marine seating. As such, manufacturers are venturing to provide a slew of combinations of seating hardware second to none.
Automotive seat motors or power seat were initially installed in high-end cars; however, nowadays many models from all classes feature automotive seat motor installed power seating arrangement.
When activated, Lear Corp.'s (Southfield, MI) stadium seating unit slides forward 350 mm, and tilts the lower seat cushion forward.
Nursing home seating for residents is on the edge of a breakthrough brought about by the innovative work of biomechanical and biomedical engineers.