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Synonyms for seasonal

a worker who finds employment only in certain seasons

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occurring at or dependent on a particular season

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ETS functions can detect one level of seasonality, this feature falls short because it can't detect multiple seasonality factors.
When such a difference is still present, we say that there is residual seasonality in the data.
I am confident that Punta del Este 365 will be a practical tool to help destinations around the world find effective solutions to tackle seasonality, and I would like to thank the Government of Uruguay, our partners in Uruguay and the UNWTO Affiliate Members involved for their engagement in such a leading and innovative project , he added.
The complex seasonality of influenza in the tropics complicates appropriate vaccination recommendations, particularly the timing of vaccination campaigns in tropical regions (3,4).
According to the findings, there was a small, but robust and replicable, effect of birth seasonality on handedness, which affected only men, however, the exact way of causation still needs to be investigated in future studies.
4] It is important to identify seasonal changes in mood and behavioural pattern in patients with these disorders because seasonality affects prognosis and implies a more severe or complex disorder.
As part of the ECI direct seasonal adjustment methodology, three quality control statistics produced by the X-12-ARIMA program are used to evaluate seasonality in an ECI series: the F statistic for stable seasonality (Fs), the M7 statistic, and the Qstatistic.
m] is based on a two-way ANOVA that tests for moving seasonality across years and is computed from the ratio of the between-years variance to the residual variance.
The different entities and periods incorporated in the results, in addition to the seasonality of the sunglass market, distort historical comparisons and should be reviewed accordingly.
They found that the tusk ratio of oxygen-16 and oxygen-18, which the animals ingested when they drank water, corresponded to the thickness of the growth bands, confirming, they conclude, the seasonality of the deaths.
Seasonality will be similar to 2006, with higher revenue expected to be realized in the latter half of the year.
Dolco is still subject to seasonality and generally records higher sales and profits during the first and fourth quarters.
When considered individually, each private industry division also showed declines in seasonality.
Credit concerns include TMH's small revenue base, rising labor costs, reliance on top 10 admitting physicians, degree of seasonality in its service area and very limited capital spending in recent years.
Summary: The Canadian dollar shows an unclear forex seasonality trend, but we do nonetheless note that the USDCAD has actually fallen sharply in 4 of the last 6.