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Synonyms for seasonal

a worker who finds employment only in certain seasons

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occurring at or dependent on a particular season

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He stressed that the main goal of the programme is to re-establish Paphos as an all year round holiday destination and to further consolidate it as a destination for athletes "with a view to curbing seasonality through the development of athletic tourism".
Normally, NR rubber end-use production, and hence NR consumption, have a clearer seasonality pattern in Europe and North America than in Asia (figure 3).
Analysis of seasonal concentration in Croatian tourism started with the application of Seasonality ratio on collected data (Table 3).
To remove that seasonality, I have also taken into consideration a 12-month 'moving average', which enables us to look at the 'de-seasonalised' housing transaction numbers.
3) Because of this attribute, assessments of residual seasonality based on these techniques might be more reliable than those based on older techniques.
Analysts debated the extent to which this phenomenon reflects special factors, such as unusually harsh winter weather, and/or "residual seasonality," that is, lingering seasonality even though the data have already been adjusted to remove seasonal effects.
ETS functions can detect one level of seasonality, this feature falls short because it can't detect multiple seasonality factors.
When such a difference is still present, we say that there is residual seasonality in the data.
I am confident that Punta del Este 365 will be a practical tool to help destinations around the world find effective solutions to tackle seasonality, and I would like to thank the Government of Uruguay, our partners in Uruguay and the UNWTO Affiliate Members involved for their engagement in such a leading and innovative project , he added.
The complex seasonality of influenza in the tropics complicates appropriate vaccination recommendations, particularly the timing of vaccination campaigns in tropical regions (3,4).
According to the findings, there was a small, but robust and replicable, effect of birth seasonality on handedness, which affected only men, however, the exact way of causation still needs to be investigated in future studies.
Specifically, more daylight may increase testosterone levels, making a seasonality effect plausible.
A hormonal cause during embryonic development "Presumably, the relative darkness during the period November to January is not directly connected to this birth seasonality of handedness.
Seasonality in mood disorders was initially studied in the context of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but later work has demonstrated that seasonality can be considered as a continuum and patients with mood disorders not diagnosed as SAD also have seasonal worsening of symptoms.
Fluvial activity declines between 47 700 and 30 000 cal a BP (MIS3), and may be associated with a reduction in seasonality with overall stability in precipitation.