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Synonyms for seascape

a view of the sea

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a painting of the sea (as distinguished from a landscape)


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Without Paula our knowledge would still be based on historic data and not be in the position to be leading on the UK's first ever Seascape Partnership proposal to the Heritage Lottery Fund for resources to further extend our knowledge and appreciation of the natural and cultural environment provided by our inshore.
The SEASCAPE (Study of Epacadostat and CRS-207 in Adults with Platinum Resistant Ovarian Cancer) is reportedly co-funded by Incyte and Aduro.
Contact them now on 029 2037 3712 to find out more about Seascape at the historic sands and village of Pendine.
The findings show that the Seascape strawberry cultivar is a good candidate for a space crop because it meets several guidelines set by NASA.
FORMER Jockey Club meetings secretary Siobhan Cunningham has double the usual interest in the exhibition Seascapes at the Petley Fine Art Gallery in London's Cork Street from September 5-18.
On that line, students are encouraged to draw a boat, an island with trees or anything else they might see in a seascape.
Anne Halpin's Seascape Gardening From New England To The Carolinas (1580175317, $19.
Youngsters can make a wooden-bead bracelet, a seascape plaque, a rain stick or seashell soap sponsored by OBIA.
Gulf Coast TAPPI and Southeastern TAPPI Green-Belt Workshop, June 6-8, Seascape Resort, Destin, Florida.
1996), a mesmerizing trio inspired by Finland's Nordic seascape in which geometric patterns and frozen gestures are captured in hazy blue light.
The playwright, who is often associated with absurdist existential dramas and blighted domsetic relationships, refers to Seascape as "an optimistic play, a rose play, as Jean Anouilh would have said.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-12 December 2005-ABB wins SEK75m cable contract from SeaScape Energy Ltd(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
News of the extra dockland turbines came as it was confirmed yesterday that work on 30 turbines will start four miles off the Crosby coast at Burbo Bank in January for wind energy firm SeaScape.
To plant your own succulent seascape, start by stacking lava rock to suggest a canyon.
Chihuly's "Fiori di Compo" turns a ceiling into a seascape.