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a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction

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We have partnered with the Searchlight team as a result of their passion for Roots and their strong consumer experience with other exceptional brands.
Searchlight is a global private investment firm with offices in New York, London and Toronto.
Signal Energy Constructors is proud to provide its utility-scale solar EPC expertise to the Searchlight Solar Project, said Mr.
Summary: CAIRO - The market of electric appliances in central Cairo has been booming as demand for electric generators and searchlights shot up due to power cuts.
offers multiple configurations of its 12,000,000 CandlePower Maxa Beam Searchlight for integration into computer-controlled systems.
Up to nine girls worked each searchlight, including radar and radio operators, with Kathleen on the 'long arm' controlling elevation and rotation.
Simon Cressy, of anti fascist magazine Searchlight, called the Leagues 'football hooligans and far right extremists'.
Both Fox Searchlight and Pathe Pictures played a crucial role in propelling the Boyle's 'Slumdog Millionaire' to worldwide success, reports Variety.
A Searchlight spokesman said the comments showed the BNP's true colours.
We made a height adjustable searchlight stand that we place under the searchlight.
County Durham-born Geoffrey Berriman will be at the Clayport Library in Durham City at 2pm on Saturday to give a talk on searchlight units.
Trudy Tavares wrote a column for the July 31 Redding Record Searchlight.
Unlike the primitive Zeppelins, this airship did not have stabilising fins, a rudder or engine-driven propellers, but a remarkable, almost laser-like searchlight which swept the city as it glided in from the east.
An hour down the interstate, fifty-four miles southeast of Las Vegas on a new four-lane highway, sits the old mining town of Searchlight.
On November 12, Fox Searchlight, a branch of Rupert Murdoch's 20th Century Fox studios, releases Kinsey, the much-heralded film glorifying the life and work of Dr.