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a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to search for objects or people involved in the commission of a crime and to produce them in court

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Chiou told detectives he did not know where he got the paws, or whether or not they were his, according to the search warrant.
Fred Lewis has said that in Smalwood's case, the data, content and information on his mobile could be accessed and searched by the law enforcing agencies only after a search warrant is issued.
The Court further notes that it has been in excess of one year since the issuance of said search warrant, and no charges or arrests have been made.
Imtiaz along with other officials started search operation without any search warrant.
In 2008, the BLM obtained a second search warrant and seized a dozen items from the Custer Battlefield Museum, where they had been publicly displayed for the past decade.
In May, the Court decided In Re Search Warrant For Medical Records, which involved the late night issuance of a search warrant by state police to Exeter Hospital for lab and medical records of a patient who had been in a car accident.
A receipt for the search warrant detailed items seized when government drug agents and Los Angeles police descended on Dr Murray's clinic on Wednesday.
They say they also executed a search warrant at a residential address in the Galley Common area of the town.
Lord Justice Latham said: "The obtaining of a search warrant is never to be treated as a formality.
Lord Justice Lathamsaid: "The obtaining of a search warrant is never to be treated as a formality.
1) A basic principle of Fourth Amendment law is the requirement that before searching a residence, police officers are required to obtain a valid search warrant prior to entry into the home.
One of the most dramatic ways a health care executive learns of an investigation is by the execution of a search warrant.
The very purpose of the Fourth Amendment is to guarantee checks and balances, requiring both judicial and executive participation in the issuing of any search warrant.
Police executed a search warrant at the building in west London but a spokeswoman declined to say whether any drugs were found.
Generally, if the government is interested in some document in that computer that it believes is evidence of a crime, it can go to a federal judge, present its evidence--we call it "probable cause"--and get a search warrant.
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