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a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to search for objects or people involved in the commission of a crime and to produce them in court

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He said, 'A search warrant is undoubtedly a process of the court and if that is the case, there is a breach of the absolute immunity that Section 308 confers on the plaintiff (Wike).
They are Lilian Marte, who was the subject of the search warrant, Daniel Castillo and Viel Anjoe Somidos.
The PDEA operatives arrested those persons who were not included in the search warrant.
The search warrants were issued by Nueva Ecija Judge Brigando Saldivar of Regional Trial Court Branch 31.
And second, where the crime involves criminals hacking computers located in five or more different judicial districts, the changes to Rule 41 would ensure that federal agents may identify one judge to review an application for a search warrant rather than be required to submit separate warrant applications in each districtup to 94where a computer is affected.
Chiou told detectives he did not know where he got the paws, or whether or not they were his, according to the search warrant.
Fred Lewis has said that in Smalwood's case, the data, content and information on his mobile could be accessed and searched by the law enforcing agencies only after a search warrant is issued.
The Court further notes that it has been in excess of one year since the issuance of said search warrant, and no charges or arrests have been made.
Imtiaz along with other officials started search operation without any search warrant.
In a precedent setting opinion, the New Hampshire Supreme Court recently ordered new protections against undue intrusions into medical privacy when the police seek medical records through a search warrant.
A search warrant allowed authorities to seek "property or items constituting evidence of the offense of manslaughter that tend to show that Dr Conrad Murray committed the said criminal offence".
POLICE executed a search warrant at the Cash Generator store in Bridge Street, Nuneaton, on July 16.
Their search warrant was invalid and the High Court said procedural failures by City of London Police in applying for it were "wholly unacceptable".
The 42-page search warrant affidavit describes dealings between the Santa Clarita company, the Oregon state employee and a pair of private companies created by him and his wife.
1) A basic principle of Fourth Amendment law is the requirement that before searching a residence, police officers are required to obtain a valid search warrant prior to entry into the home.
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