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a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed

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Advanced protocol and search language translation for the highest quality results;
German was in most cases (except in the search for however) the search language and English was used to help understand the German.
They knew the arcane search language, they had access to the vendor-provided, dedicated terminals, and--most importantly--they had the budget to pay for the online subscriptions.
If you subscribe to several different services, you must learn the search language of each one, while on EasyNet you use the same language to access the holdings of various vendors.
0 also brings a new simplified search language for users who prefer iterative searches.
As a product, the EasyAsk search language initially made its debut inside corporations, providing employees with access to internal information.
NET's new search language API enables the generation of dynamic summaries based on content and assets.
As searcher Mary Ellen Bates of Bates Information Service pointed out, Dialog has more structured content files and its search language has more power features (Sort, Map, Report, etc.
In this way, users can dynamically change the interface language and search language without affecting anyone else on the system.
0 enterprise Web services API provides more powerful and standards-based integration capabilities including full text search through the new sforce Object Search Language (SOSL), Web services-based access to the new capabilities of salesforce.
Prior to the introduction of DIALOG@CARL, accessing these resources required a familiarity with DIALOG search language to navigate the databases.
Accessed through an intuitive Web interface, users can browse easily between patent records without using a complicated search language, and explore related ideas using citation links.
On the other hand, large commercial database services have pursued whatever databases customers want, seeking to hold onto their markets and increase usage by maximizing the utility of customer experience and commitment to learning a favorite service's search language.
TR/Win lets the user retrieve text in any of three modes: word search, query-by-form (QBF), and search language (command mode).