search and rescue mission

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a rescue mission to search for survivors and to rescue them

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New Delhi [India], August 31 ( ANI ): So far eight fishing boats and around 40 fishermen have been rescued and brought to safety with search and rescue mission by the Indian Coast Guard, after they were caught amid turbulent seas off the Gujarat coast on Wednesday.
By June of this year, Alaska State Troopers (AST) had already conducted 141 search and rescue missions.
The coastguard launched a full scale search and rescue mission, together with the RAF search and rescue helicopter from Leconfield.
The MH-60S, above, will initially be used for vertical replenishment, and later enhanced to perform airborne mine countermeasures and combat search and rescue missions.
Italy has warned 30,000 migrants could drown this year if search and rescue missions are not resumed.
BRIEF HISTORY: Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point routinely conducts search and rescue missions and performs hundreds of medevac operations and logistical transports.
In addition to combat search and rescue, the wing also performs civil search and rescue missions, provides humanitarian relief, and supports all NASA space shuttle and rocket launches.
With the Costner blockbuster putting search and rescue missions in the limelight, the 202 invited the Daily Record to spend the day with their on-call heroes to experience the reality of the dangerous rescue missions.
The unit was involved in the rescue of a pilot of a stealth fighter shot down during the Bosnian conflict and has taken part in numerous search and rescue missions in Oregon.
Member agencies can deploy the EST for hostage/barricade incidents, high-risk warrant service, major crime scene searches, search and rescue missions, dignitary protection, and similar tactical incidents.
When the HC-144A enters Coast Guard operational service later this year, it will be utilized for search and rescue missions, illegal drug and immigrant interdiction, for marine environmental protection, military readiness operations and international ice patrol missions - as well as for cargo and personnel transport.
Entry into service of the C-27J with the USCG and its upgrade to a fully missionized configuration will make it an ideal platform for mid-range search and rescue missions and will be a further proof of the excellent capabilities and operational flexibility of the aircraft produced by Leonardo - Finmeccanica.
Due to its demanding role, HITRON does not train for search and rescue missions and the AGs are not required to have a rescue swimmer hoist qualification.
Quanto specializes in two distinct search areas: detecting explosives and assisting in human search and rescue missions.
We are proud to take delivery of this new aircraft and are convinced it will serve the Hong Kong Government Flying Service well in its search and rescue missions.
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