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Synonyms for seamy

Synonyms for seamy

showing a seam

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morally degraded

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Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime-from Global Epidemic to Your Front Door is the culmination of Krebs' years of research and contact with insiders, particularly those in the seamy underworld of cybercrime.
While The Street continues to be the film equivalent of what Oscar Marzaroli and Harry Benson were doing when they turned their cameras on city life warts-and-all, Strippers had the seamy air of a back alley peeping Tom about it.
The seamy side of Hollywood never fails to fascinate, and it delivers enough intrigue and general nastiness to make for a gripping plot.
on USA) Peter and Neal must infiltrate the seamy side of Little Odessa to uncover a smuggling ring.
As politics hitherto seamy, showed a side that's seamier
But she will be most remembered for her MacMillan repertoire, where she would fearlessly throw herself--often literally--into the seamy yet compelling characterizations.
Unfortunately, for many people in this country, buying things based on ethical rather than economic values is a luxury they can't afford ("Our seamy garments," Margin Notes, July).
The legal battles over the will have enthralled the Chinese territory with their seamy mix of sex, big money and fraud allegations.
Robert De Niro has never been better than as mad New York cabbie Travis Bickle, surveying the seamy streets with increasing suspicion in this psycho-drama.
One correspondent - LH of Prestwich - wrote in to say: "Television has this fetish about depicting the north as a seamy, sooty squalid place full of tumbledown houses, dirty streets, people boozing and living on a diet of fish and chips.
In the vein of The Crimson Petal And The White comes a terrifying descent into the seamy underbelly of Victorian society, as the East End is once again haunted by a horrific killer of young ladies, The Man of Crows.
Frasier, of the Lilly Library at Indiana University-Bloomington, admits to having a guilty fascination with show business, particularly the seamy side.
It's important to prepare pitches which assure the fast bowlers to begin with -- not extraordinarily too damp, too moist or too seamy -- but you won't really get an ideal wicket so the toss becomes crucial.
Bernard Madoff and his former penthouse apartment at 133 East 64th StreetThe couple who bought Bernard Madoff's Upper East Side penthouse duplex loved the rooftop terrace so much that they decided to look past the co-op's seamy history.
I could not have told this story without including this sex tape," said Young, who also claims to have phone messages from Edwards to back up his seamy story.