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someone who makes or mends dresses

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While the novel culminates with the vision of a perfected city constructed by the poet-seer, it is crucial to note that Aurora is literally led to this space by the seamstress who guides--by revealing the seams and bonds connecting the poet to her future husband--Aurora the way to this space of fulfillment.
Mrs Cooper, a seamstress for 40 years, said: "After having children I went back to work in a completely different role as an assistant at a convenience store.
It really is a case of a stitch in time for seamstress Karen Riley, who has worked at Lumley Castle for 25 years.
Helen is now hoping to find the descendants of the seamstress to uncover the story behind the note.
When I was approached by Warwickshire College to see if I'd be interested in taking on an apprentice seamstress we decided it was about time these ladies passed on their knowledge to the next generation.
1-2-3 SEW: BUILD YOUR SKILLS WITH 33 SIMPLE PROJECTS offers bags, accessories, and home projects from an expert seamstress and craft blogger who provides a building-block approach to sewing, presenting projects in groups of three to build on skills and techniques used in the prior project.
Seamstress Anne Butcher, 44, from Sandhurst, Berks, said: "It's a once-ina-lifetime chance.
She quits her job at a local supermarket and convinces a seamstress to harbour her and offer her an apprenticeship.
asked Graziela Goncalves Carvalho, a seamstress with one of the groups that appeared to have suffered heavy losses.
In an episode which aired in the US last week, the Scot is transformed from a seamstress for the cameo - filmed in New York, with part of the Big Apple transformed into London.
A LOCAL seamstress is growing her Newton Aycliffe firm on the back of a UK cheerleading craze.
She became an expert seamstress, but the dream of dance remained intact.
June Lornie of Liverpool's Academy Gallery in Seel Street (a bit of a noted seamstress herself) is putting together an exhibition of buttons - not to be confused with the Buttons of Cinderella, making a seasonal Empire Theatre appearance this Christmas.
His wife also has a talent using her hands: She's a professional seamstress specializing in wedding dresses.
Liz Phillips grew up in Cathays, Cardiff, and as a talented young seamstress would make her own dance dresses, then hop on her bicycle and ride to dances.