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Synonyms for seamstress

someone who makes or mends dresses

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"I hope my dress will be ready in time for the State-ball," she answered; "I have ordered passion-flowers to be embroidered on it; but the seamstresses are so lazy."
"I am a poor little seamstress, who was with you in La Force."
It isn't so easy for a girl like Flora de Barral to become a factory hand, a pathetic seamstress or even a barmaid.
For you might spend your life, say, in studying the London street boy, and write never so movingly and humourously about him, yet would he never know your name; and though Whitechapel makes novelists, it does so without knowing it,--makes them to be read in Mayfair,--just as it never wears the dainty hats and gowns its weary little milliners and seamstresses make through the day and night.
They are seamstresses, who have plied the daily and nightly needle in the service of master tailors and close-fisted contractors, until now it is almost time for each to hem the borders of her own shroud.
The way they get so much done, is, they take work home, and make their seamstresses do it, and then they take credit for vast industry," said Belle, who always spoke her mind with charming candor.
Could n't we give up a few of the vanities, and pay the seamstresses better?"
Barb was a professional seamstress and retired as a Secretary of the Pana Area Senior Center.
Critique: Reinterpreting Charles Dickens' classic novel "A Tale of Two Cities" through the eyes of one of its lesser-known characters, The Seamstress: A Novel is a sweeping work of historical fiction.
Gideon falls in with the bullish Inspector Cutter, who is investigating the death of a seamstress who fell from a window at the home of mysterious Lord Strythe.
Simply and clearly written narrative paired with precise matching illustrations and photos, "Complete Book of Sewing Techniques" is a helpful tool for the beginning, intermediate, and even advanced seamstress. Section 1, Sewing Essentials, covers sewing machines, sergers, fabrics, threads and notions, interfacings and stabilizers, paper patterns, and measuring guides.
Owner doesn't need to be a seamstress. Skilled 1099 employees in place.
1, 1955, Rosa Parks, at the time a 42-year-old seamstress and civil rights activist, who was "tired of giving in" and "referred to be lynched than live to be mistreated," defied Jim Crow laws in Montgomery, Alabama, when, seemingly exhausted after a long workday, she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger and move to the back of the bus.
As she uncovers the town's dark secrets while staying with her boozy mother (Judy Davis), she befriends a cross-dressing police sergeant (Hugo Weaving), falls for a swarthy footballer (Liam Hemsworth) and finds herself at odds with another seamstress (Sacha Horler).
Pin awakes from Nothing as a seamstress. She knows nothing but the fortress where she is forced to sew intricate stitches on magnificent dresses, day in and day out.