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Synonyms for seamed

having or joined by a seam or seams


(used especially of skin) marked by lines or seams


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The peak on which the captain had taken his stand commanded the whole Wind River chain; which, in fact, may rather be considered one immense mountain, broken into snowy peaks and lateral spurs, and seamed with narrow valleys.
I heard a short, sharp cry behind me, a fall, and turning saw an awful face rushing upon me,--not human, not animal, but hellish, brown, seamed with red branching scars, red drops starting out upon it, and the lidless eyes ablaze.
The herbage is parched and withered; the brooks and streams are dried up; the buffalo, the elk and the deer have wandered to distant parts, keeping within the verge of expiring verdure, and leaving behind them a vast uninhabited solitude, seamed by ravines, the beds of former torrents, but now serving only to tantalize and increase the thirst of the traveller.
Sewability can be defined as ease of formation of shell structures and the ability of material to be seamed effectively without fabric damage, and also to provide suitable end-use performance5, 6.
320 m spiral duct dn 100 made of galvanized steel, Seams seamed 2 x approx.