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any substance used to seal joints or fill cracks in a porous surface

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The material has been used as sealing material for generator motors for hybrid vehicles (HVs), such as TOYOTA's PRIUS.
Therefore, cement-based borehole sealing material is widely used in the practice of coal mining borehole sealing [7, 8].
Instead, a consultant hired by the city has concluded that the failure was the result of two factors: shifting soils and a drop in water temperature that affected sealing materials in the pipe.
* EPDM was established as an excellent sealing material for aseptic technology but some formulations are less suited to 'intensive' CIP additives.
A sealing material works as an efficient mechanical barrier to plaque retention, which brings to the minimum dangerous action of the cariogenic microorganisms on the tooth enamel [Ripa, 1993].
In order to form hermetic seals to metals, the sealing material's CTE should fall between that of the outer metal housing and the conductor pin so that the seal interfaces are in compression.
Findlay, OH, July 20, 2018 --( AquaBlok, Ltd., a manufacturing company in Northwest Ohio, is pleased to announce the successful application of their bentonite-based sealing material, AquaBlok, in a pond reconstruction project in Findlay, OH.
Fluoroprene XP, a universal all round sealing material specifically designed for process industry applications is now available in the UK via DICHTOMATIK UK, the exclusive provider for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies food and beverage related products in the UK.
Various sealing material properties directly influence the sealing quality of boreholes.
To meet the stringent sealing challenges surrounding food and beverage processing, Freudenberg Process Seals says, it is now offering Fluoroprene XP 40 sealing material to the North American market.
The Seals Group made the preemptive decision to invest in the Rulon[R] E2 emission control project (the new sealing material becomes part of their fluoropolymer product line) due to Euro 6 coming into force starting September 2014 for the approval of passenger vehicles and from January 2015 for the registration and sale of new cars.
"With outstanding value for a perfluoroelastomer sealing material, Isolast J9440 now has a higher operating temperature ...
has received a patent for a sealing material for sealing water leaks in a water conveyance system caused by a hole in the conveyance system.
Unlike a bolted seal, which pushes against the sealing material hardest under the bolts, a bellows seal exerts the same force around the entire circumference.