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the act of treating something to make it repel water

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Seal Products is an industry leading supplier of high-quality sealing products to both OEM, Aftermarket and Maintenance/Repair customers and an Authorized Distributor for Black Hawk Seals International, LLC.
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has now succeeded in developing a seal for grease-lubricated bearings for large shaft diameters.
Gordon Micallef, operations director at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Malta, says: "The strong surface tackiness of elastomer seals is an inherent property, which can cause issues such as the creation of high assembly forces, disruptions in automatic assembly lines, as well as reduced performance in dynamic applications.
To analyse the causes of sealing failure, it is vital to understand the operating conditions and structure of seals clearly.
For the new generation of radial shaft seal rings, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies' engineers have developed an innovative, robustly configured seal lip design.
In addition to its wide range of aerospace seals, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is offering a full line of metallic seals, ranging from industry standard AS1895 e-seals to complex multi-convolution seals for sealing high pressure and temperature engine applications.
New UHPLC pump designs require advancements in sealing technology in order to withstand operating pressures of 20,000 psi and above--a level that many manufacturers are striving to achieve.
Custom transmission Quad Ring gasket seals designed in a continuous web from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provide a superior sealing solution than individual seals.
The seals may be constructed from relatively thin materials that (through folding, stacking, pleating, etc.) can provide a resiliently compressible seal that is thick enough and appropriately shaped to conform to the wearer's anatomy well enough to provide the desired sealing. At the same, time, the continuous web material used to form the seal is preferably thin enough to be economically delivered to the manufacturing line in roll form.
European Sealing Association's new interactive 'Successful Sealing with Elastomers' is the first guide designed to offer food processing engineers a diagnostics-led approach to tackling sealing problems.
With the increase in sizes of both the compressor driver and shaft, the mechanical sealing industry has also had to meet the challenge of making bigger dry gas seals for these "super-sized" compressors.
Dammam-based ASC was formed in 1990 in a joint venture with the American firm Durametallic Corporation, now Flowserve, to design, manufacture, sell and service mechanical seals, sealing systems and other related products for pumps, compressors, mixers and other rotating equipment.
As a result, the accurate specification and implementation of sealing systems in industrial and process pumps is vital to help prolong the service life of equipment and avoid the need for early pump replacement or rebuilds.