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a kind of sealing material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface (as a coat of paint or varnish used to size a surface)

an official who affixes a seal to a document

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5 times higher for young children living in apartments next to parking lots treated with coal tar-based sealer compared with children living next to untreated parking lots.
The contractors on both these jobs applied too much sealer, either by applying one very thick coat or by applying too many subsequent coats.
The most important considerations are the quality/consistency of the seal, the repeatability of the process, the ability for the process control system to be calibrated, and the sealer and process to be validated.
The Activ GP System combines a single-cone technique with a glass-ionomer-based sealer that the manufacturer claims will create a "monoblock" between the tooth, sealer, and core material.
The Tray Sealer is compatible with all types of tray and top lid materials, including board, plastic and aluminium.
A new semi-permanent mold sealer can be applied to metal or composite molds for marine applications with unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters, DCPD resins, epoxies, and rigid polyurethanes.
The battery-operated Model 2380 Tube Sealer is recommended for leukoreduction processing, apheresis, and crytobank applications.
The most common topical sealer is acrylic, which forms a film over the surface.
The high temperature Cryo530 Medical Pouch Sealer is a validatable heat sealer with CryoBand sealing element.
Sometimes, alternative options are not always available, so thanks to products like Safety Seal and Hard Seal sealer products, people don't have to be exposed.
The SH 1000 sealer, the company says, runs faster and can accommodate thicker bags.
Xtend S-19C mold sealer is said to offer easy, streak-free application and is the successor to S-19B.
The Model 536 case sealer is all all-mechanical machine that automatically paces case feed, folds all four flaps, applies adhesive and compression, securely sealing RSC cases at speeds to 100 cases per minute.
An example is Fusion UV Systems' UV radiation curing system used in conjunction with a UV-activated hybrid sealer developed by BASF.
The UV curing process induces a crosslinking reaction in the UV curable sealer coat, providing a more resilient film.