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a kind of sealing material that is used to form a hard coating on a porous surface (as a coat of paint or varnish used to size a surface)

an official who affixes a seal to a document

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[USPRwire, Mon Sep 02 2019] The concrete sealer market is foreseen to witness a healthy growth with the advent of new innovations catering to diverse needs of end users.
[ClickPress, Mon Sep 02 2019] The concrete sealer market is foreseen to witness a healthy growth with the advent of new innovations catering to diverse needs of end users. adds "Concrete Sealer Market 2018 Global Analysis, Growth, Trends and Opportunities Research Report Forecasting to 2023" reports to its database
This also features a tray denester and conveyors to take trays to the filling system and then to transfer them to the tray sealer and checkweigher, which provides a final weight check.
The offer of free sealer application up to 1000 square feet for first-time clients is part of their ongoing commitment to exceed client's expectations.
However, it cannot be recommended as a routine sealer or root canal filling material because of its disadvantages such as difficulty in filling of complicated root canal system, long setting time, unknown solvent for set MTA (8), inadequate water to powder ratio and insufficient compaction which prevent adaptation of MTA to the root canal walls (10, 11).
It possesses a high antimicrobial activity and low cytotoxicity owing to the alkalinity of the sealer and prolonged release of Ca+ ions after setting, which in turn promotes endodontic and periodontal regeneration.10
I never use a sealer as it changes the look and once you coat a sealant on, you can never go back to the natural stone.
Contract notice: supply of trays, film and miscellaneous consumables, and rental with option to purchase an automatic sealer (tray sealer) and associated equipment reference number: 2018-29
Various techniques are used for this purpose, which uses the core material and root canal sealer. [1,2] Single cone obturation technique brought the revolutionary change by using a single well-fitting guttapercha cone with the sealer.
MULTIVAC will present two chamber machines, a compact thermoforming packaging machine and a tray sealer.The bakery industry is shifting focus from frozen products and leaning towards MAP packs, which offer benefits for the overall logistics chain as many bakery products can be stored without any additional chilling, the company noted.
Nelipak also recently enhanced its NX-T1 PLC Controlled Sealer, which features a touch button for "hands free" sealing.
However, GP cannot spontaneously bond to root dentine [6] or to sealers, leading to microleakage resultant of voids and gaps between GP and sealer [7].
Tukey's multiple comparison test demonstrated that the acid and PBS groups exhibited significantly lower mean microhardness compared with control in the BC and ES sealers (P < .05), whereas the WR sealer showed a significant difference between the acid and control groups (P < .05).
Porous tiles are more susceptible to staining, and will need a sealer to reduce the tendency of dirt to cling to the surface.