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Another kind of "exo-reference" might be mentioned in this context--not that of the action and its semantic perpendiculars, but instead that of the text's "intertextuality": if Eliot has an English saint as hero, Coleridge seems in his Mariner to be negatively recalling the Celtic narratives of saintly sea journeys and their negotiations with beasts and seafowl. Whilst Jones makes this suggestion in his essay on the Rime, he neglects to elaborate specific instances such as those of St.
"Seafowl lined the beach, shown brilliantly in the sun from the red plumage of the flamingos and pink curlew ...
The seafowl enshadowed him with their wings, their harsh cries were his requiem." Die eenduidige mineur derde kry egter simboliese betekenis in Vere se slotsang, so asof hy homself nou distansieer van die majeur derde wat vroeer in die opera met aksie geassosieer is.
Baillie explains how the Hume family took refuge in the Netherlands, "Like seafowl clust'ring in the rock / To shun some rising tempest's shock" ("Lady" 1.