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A sea turtle, locally known as pawikan, moves toward the open sea after being released at the All Hands Beach Resort in Subic Bay Freeport.
During the Coast Guard's search, the crew noticed a sea turtle caught in the midst of multiple drugs packages string together, which they later identified as cocaine.
Although marine turtles could live long, six of seven sea turtle species are considered threatened and some endangered, she said.
This is the 36th year of Mote's sea turtle monitoring program; its efforts began when sea turtles were placed on the Endangered Species Act in the late 1970s, says staff biologist Melissa Bernhard.
The team has been satellite tagging sea turtles for over 12 years with their first tag placed on a green sea turtle called 'Maju' in 2005.
All five sea turtle species present in Latin America are listed, either at the species or population-level in a threatened category by the IUCN Red list (www.
The sea turtle care and rescue centre at the INSTM receives between 20 and 30 sea turtles each year, which it cures and returns to the water, affirmed researcher at INSTM Olfa Chaieb to TAP.
Fortunately, a picture of a CAT scan of one of our sea turtle patients on my MacBook Pro was worth a thousand words and enough to convince the airport authorities of our mission to help with the conservation of sea turtles in Cuba.
What we hope to do is to set ourselves apart from our competition and be a sea turtle instead of a sardine.
In the case of sea turtles, conservationists commonly relocate complete clutches of sea turtle eggs from high-risk nesting beaches where eggs are vulnerable to human poaching, depredation by animals, and loss by tidal inundation (e.
A RARE sea turtle is on the road to recovery after it was washed up on Aberystwyth's North Beach suffering with hypothermia.
ORLANDO, Dhu-AlQa'dah 24, 1436, September 08, 2015, SPA -- Each year, conservationists are counting more and more green sea turtle nests on the beaches of Florida.
Dubai-based Jumeirah group marked World Sea Turtle Day with the release of 45 endangered sea turtles at Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah.
At my site, I will never have a live stingray, shark, or adult sea turtle in a program to show my audience.