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any of various small spiderlike marine arthropods having small thin bodies and long slender legs

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Nuclear and mitochondrial gene data support recent radiation within the sea spider species complex Pallenopsis patagonica.
New sea spiders from the Jurassic La Voulte-sur-Rhone Lagerstatte.
Like other sea spiders, this creatures seems to be all legs.
Among the rare creatures discovered were specially adapted species of sea spiders, or long-legged pycnogonids, which can grow up to 50 centimetres across when their legs are fully extended.
"Amongst the ice and rocks there are a massive number of species: in the sea, things like sea spiders, corals, worms and so on, and on land, springtails, mites, mosses and fungi.
In the aquarium, children can explore, touch tanks filled with starfish and pencil urchins, horseshoe crabs, and sea spiders. They can touch, feel and interact with sea life.
While they swoon minerals of crude oil and sea spiders for tricking a way for gold.
Beneath the ice, cameras discover prehistoric giants - terrifying sea spiders and massive woodlice.
Sea spiders, a family of eight-legged creatures, which rarely grow bigger than a fingernail in UK waters, have been discovered up to nine inches (23cm) across in Antarctic seas.
Shallow water-dwelling creatures such as giant sea spiders, sea urchins, and corals face new risks as icebergs tear up the ocean floor.
Scientists studying Antarctic waters have filmed and captured giant sea creatures, like sea spiders the size of dinner plates and jelly fish with six-metre tentacles.
"Beneath the ice was an oasis of life, with huge five feet tall, 200-year-old sponges, giant sea spiders 10 inches across, and sea lilies clinging to every rock.