sea scorpion

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marine fishes having a tapering body with an armored head and venomous spines

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Caption: An ancient giant sea scorpion had several serrated limbs (part of one shown) peppered with bristles of hair.
Ancient sea scorpions were different from modern-day scorpions because they
There was further consolation for the Scots when young Kenneth Waddell, from Arbroath, topped the juniors with a sea scorpion of 365gms.
Winner Dan Seymour caught a 170gm dab; runner-up Mike Perrett had a 160gm dab while Paul Titt's catch of a goby and a sea scorpion added up to just 100gm.
Third placed Peter Race caught a sea scorpion, two flounder and a goby for 79cm.
Jane Henderson's 13-year-old home bred 13hh bay roan Welsh Secion B gelding, Lindisfarne Sea Scorpion, won the Overall M&M In-Hand Championship after a four-year absence from the show ring.
A bag of three cod and a sea scorpion for10lbs 4ozs gave Glasgow angler Malkie Macdonald victory in the East Region Open Boat Winter Sweepstake.
The aquarium will also host lion fish, the bluespotted ribbon-tailed stingray, sea scorpions, the long-spined sea urchin and the moon jellyfish.
The members also caught undersized turbot and sea scorpions.
And if there's a chapter on giant sea scorpions from the dinosaur days, don't read that, either.
The Aden productions crew captured a wide variety of fauna and flora on camera - including seals, fish, crabs, starfish, sea scorpions, sea urchins, sponges, kelp, seaweed and anemones.