sea raven

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large sculpin of western Atlantic

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Spawning of the Sea Raven Hemitripterus villosus in Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan.
Utilization of polychaete tubes as spawning substrate by the Sea Raven Hemitripterus villosus (Scorpaeniformes).
Early life history of the Sea Raven, Hemitripterus villosus, (Hemitripterinae, Cottidae) in the Japan Sea.
The spawning habits, eggs and larvae of the Sea Raven Hemitripterus americanus, in southern New England.
Curtin remembers the son of Sea Raven as a bit of a character.
Figures 2 and 3 depict them for sea raven and winter flounder, respectively.
The sea raven appears to have active blue-green discrimination not only in clear ocean water (JII) to at least 100 m depth [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5A OMITTED], but even in coastal waters (J5) to as deep as 10 m or so [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5B OMITTED
For winter flounder [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 6A-D OMITTED], perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the results is the similarity of their quantum-catch difference spectra to those of the sea raven.
The sea raven and winter flounder might be regarded as typical for four-receptor-type visual systems.
Sea Raven 1991 Sadler's Wells-Cormorant Wood Throckmorton Court
Owned and bred Heather Galbraith, she is a half-brother to Miss Pigalle and was thought to be a first winner for her sire Sea Raven.