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A Sea King pilot said: "The storm whipped up from nothing in three minutes and there was nothing they could do.
Originally intended for an anti-submarine role, the Sea King has served in many other operations, including search and rescue, counterterrorism and disaster relief, both in Canada and overseas.
2013 marked the 50th anniversary for the CH-124 Sea King helicopter in Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Air Force (RCAF) service.
The most memorable times in my long career are when I was the commanding officer of a Sea King helicopter squadron during the Falklands conflict - recovering people from HMS Coventry and remembering vividly the 36 separate air raids endured in Falkland Sound.
The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) awarded CAE a contract to perform a major upgrade on the German Navy's Sea King MK41 helicopter simulator located at Nordholz Naval Airbase.
CITY VISIT Two Sea King choppers fly over River Clyde in Glasgow
Nigel, who spent 16 years flying helicopters, a further 16 in IT and since 2008 has run a company which produces drones based in Amble, recalls fondly his time as a Sea King pilot.
In glorious morning sunshine Sea King number XZ594 circled the base a few times, posing for the cameras, before flying to HMS Sultan in Gosport where it will be sold.
Describing it as a bigger and "much more capable aircraft", Sqn Ldr Miller said: "The main advantage of the Sea King over the Wessex is that it's designed to be an all-weather rescue aircraft.
The Sea King rescue |helicopter landed at Blackweir Fields, Cardiff, where an ambulance took the patient to hospital MATTHEW HORWOOD
Sea Kings are anti- submarine helicopters that can carry troops also.
Mountain rescuers had to lower him several hundred metres down a loose gravel slope so that the Sea King helicopter could fly in below the cloud and winch the stretcher.
The Duke of Cambridge was deployed in his RAF Sea King when the Canadian, 58, got into trouble after slipping on the muddy sea cliff.
22 Squadron initially flew Whirlwind helicopters which were later replaced with Wessex choppers and then the current Sea King aircraft, which were gradually brought into the service after 1978.
Over 2,000 pounds (900kg) of heroin and two bomb-makers have been intercepted in Afghanistan with the help of the Royal Navy's Sea King helicopters--known as the "eyes in the sky.