sea horse

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either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber

small fish with horse-like heads bent sharply downward and curled tails

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Talking about sea horses, Al Mahmoud said: "When male sea horses give birth, they cling on to the top of the tank.
GE-nay also said that a new museum will be built in UE-ak and the Winged Sea Horse Brooch will be on display in that planned museum.
This volume could become a toddler's first introduction to marine biology, with a parent turning pages and pointing out sea horses, penguins, marine iguanas.
Cut out the square on page 9 and follow these directions to get your hands on some great sea horse information.
It was not known exactly how many crew the Sea Horse had on board.
A second ship, the 5,000-tonne MV Sea Horse, was hijacked by pirates on board three or four skiffs.
Note the figures from Greek mythology: a scaly horse's head on the grip and pommel likely represent a mythical sea horse and reliefs on the grip depict Perseus and Medusa.
In the sea horse family, it's the male - not the female - that gets pregnant.
During courtship, the mother sea horse transfers her eggs to the father's pouch on his belly.
The 48-year-old had been on her way to work at the Sea Horse pub in Porthcawl when her car collided with a Range Rover on the motorway on March 15.
This lesson involved creating a sea horse using handprints.
Ironically, the islands are to be built in the shape of one of the animals they may be annihilating--the sea horse.
During his training career in Britain he did especially well with Raffingora and My Swanee on the Flat and Hindhead and Sea Horse over jumps.
This book presents a dozen animals that live in the sea, ranging from a whale to an octopus to a sea horse.