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a sailor's storage chest for personal property

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Young neighbor and Naval Junior ROTC cadet Miles Abernethy noticed Ted was selling a sea chest and vast collection of Naval memorabilia.
Jim and his mother unlock the captain's sea chest to find a logbook and a map inside.
The Sea Chest draws crowds for its briny oysters, spicy cioppi-no, and broiled salmon, halibut, and swordfish.
PRINCE Charles has been shown some relics in his time - but he has clearly never seen an old sea chest like this.
"The Werewhale and the Sea Chest weaves the tale of Sirena - a girl who has no real family but is desperate for one.
From13 SEA CHEST UNLOCKS MYSTERY ATTEMPTS to trace French descendants of the Tadorne casualties had failed, despite trying sources from town halls to fishermen.'s missions and port authorities.
Booth said baby items in a waterproof sea chest and a few photos were all that could be salvaged from the two-and-a-half-story home, which will have to be razed as a result of extensive fire damage on the second floor and smoke and water damage on the first floor.
Waheed Rabbani (author); DOCTOR MARGARET'S SEA CHEST; Youwriteon () $12.95 ISBN: 9781849231770
She enlists the aid of Friday O'Leary, 'a force for good', and with unexpected help from Mrs Lovely, the sweetshop owner, as well as the contents of an old sea chest in Mr Gum's house, the dog and the day are saved, and all ends happily.
"Some of these skates won't fit yet," my mom advised, as she kept pulling pairs of hand-me-down skates out of the big, old, dome-topped sea chest harbored upstairs in the attic of our old Cape Cod farmhouse.
Young Jim Hawkins finds a treasure map in the sea chest of a murdered pirate at the Admiral Benbow Inn.
Nothing to do with Moyes, of course, but everything to do with the club's Swiss moneymen, last seen excavating a Brunei beach in search of a sea chest marked Hispaniola.
The "black box" equipment (so called because the user doesn't need to know anything about it to operate it) is stashed in the ferry's sea chest and samples sound water drawn in through cooling water intakes, "The chief engineers who serve on the individual ferries do a little daily operational preparation for the system," says Dan Noe of the North Carolina Department of Transportation Ferry Division, who is working with Ramus and Paerl to outfit the ferries.
Then, there was the chap with long white hair who dumped a dilapidated mariner's sea chest on the table that sent everybody into raptures.