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a common European aster that grows in salt marshes

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Some late bloomers, like Sea Aster, Western Gorse and Devil's-bit Scabious, are programmed to bloom now.
Saltmarsh was home to rare plants such as sea spurrey, sea aster, and scurvy grass.
Was this robust seaduck homesick for the salt of the nearby estuary - the pole, like everything else at Marshside, has a thin veneer of the stuff - if you don't believe me, try licking a sea aster. The other three Scaup - a young male and two females - watched their colleague with bemused disdain.
3 Calming Skin Therapy Wipes, PS7.49 for 25, Facial wipes are handy for travelling but can irritate sensitive skins - solve the problem with these extra gentle ones, enriched with soothing organic aloe and sea aster.
Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, sea aster, purple clover, evening primrose and ragwort all bloom there, but most of therank vegetation is going over for the year.
Sea aster is coming into bloom, and the high water line from this year's Spring tides is now a mass of pale green orache.
In "Sea Asters," a poem reminiscent of H.D.'s "Sea Lily" and "Sea Rose," Longley describes the "salt-marsh skeleton" of a fawn, the stark whiteness of the vertebrae and the ribs sticking out of a "puddle jellyfish fill / At spring tide," and contrasting with the "purple golden-hearted / Scruffy loveliness" of the sea asters.