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any of numerous animals inhabiting the sea including e

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As: Just like your inner sea animal, the dolphin, you're social, playful, and you take care of others when they're in trouble.
The creature, which has a yellow hue and three segments, drew comparisons to several things including a jellyfish, part of a jellyfish and part of a sea animal. Its origin remained unknown.
It is the very first sea animal that BFAR employees buried hastily but which they were unable to recognize.
The three-volume manual outlines the proper procedure in identifying the sea animal, handling, rescuing, and rehabilitating.
The book's name refers to gigantic sea creatures and begins by discussing myths and misconceptions about cephalopods, including squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus, the predators of the mollusk group making up a quarter of all sea animal species.
For example, a sea animal with a shell might have died and then been covered up by sand and mud that washed over it.
When a bioluminescent sea animal passes within range of the photomultiplier tube, the sensor triggers the camera.
SMALL definitely is beautiful as far as the Countryside Council for Wales is concerned, following the discovery of a rare minute sea animal.
A RARE and tiny sea animal was been found off the coast of Wales for the first time in 40 years.
A sand dollar found in Ras Sudr -- Nancy Ragab This sea animal has existed for a very long time; fossils of sand dollars can be found the Great Sand Sea in Siwa, Egypt, that was once covered by the ancestor of the Mediterranean Sea millions of years ago.
Anyone who finds a dolphin or other sea animal washed up on a beach should report it straight away.
The video shows a seal surfacing near a kayaker and the sea animal smacking the man's face with the mollusc.
For the Arctic, expeditions have logged about 5,500 kinds of sea animal, including 235 that also appear to reside at the opposite pole, says Russ Hopcroft of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
What's the mysterious bubble (see photo) protruding from the head of a fossilized trilobite, an extinct sea animal? Two paleontologists (fossil scientists) think it could be a brood pouch, a sac in which mother trilobites carried their offspring 500 million years ago.
There are four fun, funky and striking designs, each featuring a different sea animal - turtles, dolphins, fish and seals.