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marine polyps that resemble flowers but have oral rings of tentacles

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Certain species of sea anemone are clonal, sessile animals that live tightly packed among other anemones on hard substrates (Lubbock, 1980; Augustin and Bosch, 2010; Rosengarten and Nicotra, 2011; Rinkevich, 2012).
Composition, biometry and statistical relationships between the cnidom and body size in the sea anemone Oulactis mus cosa (Cnidaria: Actiniaria).
Isolation and partial purification of a hemolytic sphingomyelin-inhibitable fraction from the sea anemone Anthopleura nigrescens.
So why does the sea anemone regenerate while humans cannot?
We worked with the symbiotic tropical sea anemone, recently renamed Exaiptasia (Aiptasia) pallida [26].
Most sea anemone species are harmless to humans, but the garaban is highly venomous and its sting can cause severe skin ulcers, said professor Gilma T.
His topics are a brocade of words: theories of poetic imitation, the reciprocal origins of pentasyllabic verse and of imitation poetry, impersonation and the art of authorship, echoing through the rafters: the afterlife of Jian'an, self-portrait as a sea anemone and other impersonations of Juan Yan, his allusive and illusive journeys, and pathways in obscurity: Jiang Yan and Ruan Ji.
More amazing is the case of the clown fish, which is always put in the same tank with the sea anemone because when it senses danger, it swims to hide itself in sea anemones, which is the only place where it can hide to protect itself.
Since there is no standardized method for analyzing these structures, there are now as many histological techniques as sea anemone studies.
A sea anemone common in the Caribbean is known by the scientific name Stichodactyla helianthus.
Making a sea anemone tentacle takes a bit of stretching.
In the Red Sea, endemic two-band anemonefish Amphiprion bicinctus are obligate mutualists with three species of giant sea anemone hosts: Entacmaea quadricolor, Heteractis crispa and Heteractis magnifica (12-14).
Summary: Like a luminous Venus rising from the sea atop a half-shell, pearl-covered Chanel models in light, liquidy fabrics emerged from a giant sea anemone onto a catwalk transformed into an undersea kingdom.
* INSPIRED by the sea anemone is this ivory debossed swirl vase, pounds 22 from Tesco.