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an edge tool for cutting grass

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cut with a scythe

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Images of Poldark scything in the fields created perhaps the biggest stir of any scene from the show.
After the sequence was aired in 2015, Turner admitted that his scything technique had been deliberately lacking in authenticity - because it looked better on screen.
Ian Miller spent two years on a biodynamic farm in Austria where he researched historic scything texts.
Scything uses only human power, and, in addition to helping with yard chores, provides a great abdominal and leg workout.
This aspect of scything cannot be overemphasized: Hacking at the grass puts unnecessary strain not only on the mower, but on the delicately engineered scythe.
So down into Hell you go to claim back said soul and give a few demons a good scything along the way.
The voice of ethnic Albanians and the international community is very low for the PM to hear, which does not stop his scything. After a while, it will be too late for all, for the PM as well as for ethnic Albanians who preserved Skopje throughout many centuries and to let this person now destroy it," says Limani.
Scything through the field in the straight, he produced his mount with a withering late run between horses to seize the pounds 100,000-plus first prize in the final 100 yards.
Baudet was dismissed for scything down Aaron Brown in the box, his second yellow, and Thorpe side-footed his spot-kick home.
Scything through the outskirts of Paris, the Grande Axe connects the western suburbs with the city centre.
To be honest I was a bit sceptical about scything as a method of cutting grass; I thought it was a bit of a romantic option and let's be honest, the hippy and eco warrior's choice.
It may even rival his famous topless shots from the first series of the Cornish drama, when he put the sigh into scything.
Learning proper scything technique is critical as well, or you'll wear yourself out quickly and become frustrated.
It will be an opportunity to learn the traditional country skill of scything.
But centre Romuald Paillat cut the home defence to ribbons with a scything break and handed on a scoring pass to Diego Giannantonio.