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Synonyms for scutcheon

a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers

a shield


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Shall I serve For nothing but a vain parenthesis In th'honoured story of your family Or hang but like an empty scutcheon Between the trophies of my predecessors And the rich arms of my posterity?
A casement high and triple-arch'd there was, All garlanded with carven imag'ries Of fruits, and flowers, and bunches of knot-grass, And diamonded with panes of quaint device, Innumerable of stains and splendid dyes, As are the tiger-moth's deep-damask'd wings; And in the midst, 'mong thousand heraldries, And twilight saints, and dim emblazonings, A shielded scutcheon blush'd with blood of queens and kings.
scutched, then, my mountainous love/with the scutcheon of no hope/my nonhoping scute hides me .
The family scutcheon that "threw arm gules on Madeline's fair breast" has been replaced by Porphyro's promise of fidelity.
2); in his catechism on Honor he said "scandal will not suffer it" rather than detraction and added a gloss to scutcheon ("epitaph on a tombstone"--5.
She paraphrases the lines "Full many a scutcheon and banner riven, / Shook to the cold night-wind of heaven, / Around the screened altar's pale" along with the reference "a Scottish monarch sleeps below," both from Canto II of Scott's poem.
As she has it, respect for honor has been in decline since the French Revolution: an understatement, thinking farther back to that hero for a liberal age, Falstaff, for whom honor is only "a word," "air," a "mere scutcheon.