scut work

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trivial, unrewarding, tedious, dirty, and disagreeable chores


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volunteer, yea; not till she is done recruiting for the scut work that
If the Super Bowl volunteers are given scut work, kept in the parking lot furthest away from the venue, and treated badly, exploitation might come to mind.
Some physicians may think these tasks are just scut work, but they are essential to developing a safe, efficient high-reliability organization (HRO) that can avoid catastrophe in a real crisis or emergency.
In the case of Fareed Za- karia's robbery from The New Yorker for his piece on gun control in Time magazine, the chances are when you work in the rare stratosphere of raw fourth estate power you tend to harness interns to do your scut work or, what us old salts call, research.
Especially in the leading universities, the tenured class is left to do its own thing, with the scut work of teaching largely carried out by adjuncts and teaching assistants.
Much can be learned just by hanging around an operation, and newbies must expect to do some scut work. (And, of course, learning coffee lingo could be regarded as professional training for those whose first post-college job is at Starbucks.)
We promised them no scut work, and we mostly obliged; they promised us they'd behave honorably and professionally, representing the Tribune brand as if they had everything at stake - which they did, and they more than upheld their end of the bargain.
This was basically a victimless crime except for the attending physician, who was looking for me to do scut work. I read all 121 pages that afternoon and was particularly fascinated by the passion and work up to that time by Dr.
"What the doctors don't see are the 1.2 million clinical documents a year we scan." Hallock adds, "As a vendor, you have to do the scut work." This so-called scut work done on their behalf gives doctors more time to practice medicine and to see patients, which increases their satisfaction, affording athenahealth an "unbelievably high retention rate, well into the high 90 percents," according to Hallock.