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Synonyms for scurrying

moving with great haste


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Looking closer, I saw that the dippers were just beginning to build a nest, scurrying back and forth with wet material.
Casey didn't just make the hunters mad--she sent them scurrying for their lawyers.
With Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa reviving the country's interest in baseball, collectors from around the globe are scurrying for the "real deal.
And he is secretly scurrying around Europe with six lions, looking for his parents, staying in Venetian villas, traveling on ships through the straits of Gibraltar.
Scurrying across the street, the injured mall attempted to hot-wire a motorcycle, but the bike's owners chased him away (having heard the earlier gunfire, they were also armed and on the way to assist Lisle).
Meow TV, a show that aired on the Oxygen Network last spring, shows scurrying squirrels and celebrities reading poems about cats.
Bassist Glen Burtnik looked and acted like Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers - jumping around and continually scurrying off stage into the audience - which served to give Styx's performance a campy feel.
A pudgy, 7-month-old mouse scurrying around a cage at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, represents the latest thought-provoking experiment in the reproductive sciences.
This image would make a bitchin' tattoo, and seems calculated to send the heartiest curator scurrying for the exit.
At the ground level you'll see leaf-cutter ants doing their impression of a sailboat regatta as they carry bits of leaves for storage, an ugly four-foot iguana flipping its head menacingly when someone invades its comfort zone, or perhaps a variety of lizards scurrying about.
The Dream" center court match-up is sending collectors scurrying for autographed and other collectible items from both players.
It was enough to send the miscreant scurrying empty-handed out the door and into a waiting vehicle.
There were referees on the field who could have called Scurry for scurrying too far forward during the penalty kicks.