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Synonyms for scurry

Synonyms for scurry

to move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride

Synonyms for scurry

rushing about hastily in an undignified way

to move about or proceed hurriedly

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Scurry gently and cautiously held her son in the sac until they arrived at the hospital where the medical team broke the sac and E.
Scurry, from Tresillian Terrace in Cardiff, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm.
As well as Scurry, visitors to Cheeseburn this weekend will be able to experience a new audio installation by Helen Shaddock, called Everything Will Be Alright, and - in the chapel - a piece called The False Lights of Durham by Ed Carter, comprising music and lights and inspired by the "treacherous" North East coastline.
When arrested, Scurry was heard to tell a neighbour he was "going to get filled in".
Scurry followed with a layup before Lee came up big, sandwiching two free throws and a 3-pointer around two foul shots by Cimino to up the lead to 62-54.
He said competitors at the festival are being offered hundreds of pounds in prize money and the first six placed drivers in each preliminary class will go forward to the festival championship, while the winner of each preliminary class will qualify for the British National Scurry Driving Championship to be held at the Royal Berkshire Show in September.
It's basically two ponies pulling a scurry vehicle at high speed around a course of bollards with plenty of thrills and hopefully not too many spills.
UCLA's Lauren Cheney just missed the cut and along with Scurry was named as one of four alternates in case of injury.
Pamela Scurry at Home Home furnishings, home textiles, home
He stepped up the pressure in round four and dropped Scurry with a picture-perfect jab-roundhouse combination at the end of the session.
Scurry is the owner of an eponymous furniture store on Madison Avenue here and has been a retailer for 26 years, beginning her career as an antique dealer.
Species in the genus Dipodomys, nocturnal rodents that scurry through North America's deserts, have epitomized toughness in punishing climates, says Randall Tracy of the University of Connecticut in Storrs.
Employee trauma, lingering health concerns and a seriously hobbled transportation system sent companies scurrying or trying to scurry from the area.
Samsung's Scurry concept, right, works on the same principle but looks a hell of a lot cooler.
First, there is Sniff -- who sniffs out change early; then there is Scurry -- who scurries into action.