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Synonyms for scupper

Synonyms for scupper

drain that allows water on the deck of a vessel to flow overboard

wait in hiding to attack

put in a dangerous, disadvantageous, or difficult position

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If your kayak manufacturer doesn't offer wheels designed specifically to fit your boat's scuppers, the local shop offers universal cradle-type carts that adapt to any paddle boat.
I didn't know what speed was needed for the nosewheel to hop over the scupper and put me into the water.
THE Scottish Executive were yesterday urged not to scupper the Bill aimed at making St Andrew's day a public holiday.
If it wasn't enough that we have too many agencies with their fingers in the redevelopment of the city centre, now we have someone who was good enough to come all the way up from London, threatening to outdo them at their game and scupper plans for the King's Dock.
This is a mighty blow for the region which will put 1,200 workers on the dole and scupper the hopes of thousands more who hoped to be employed on the carrier contracts.
Airline bmi British Midland said today that "current discussions on closer co-operation with competitors" would not scupper a new deal it has made with Teesside International Airport.
The uprising threatened to scupper the entire empire, so the country turned to the once mighty general Vespasian (Peter Firth) and his son Titus (Adam James) to put an end to it.
Falkirk came back to scupper David's hopes with a late double but Robbie's 25th strike of the season meant party time in Bergen as his side ended their 22-year wait for Cup glory in style.
PAUL TOSH grabbed a last minute leveller to scupper Cowdenbeath's chances of a much needed win.
The trouble-hit redevelopment of Wembley finally received the go-ahead last night after a compromise was reached over the funding row which threatened to scupper the project.
Except that the French aren't involved trying to scupper the whole thing from the inside.
GREEDY MPs who attempted to sneak through a massive increase to their pensions will be "named and shamed" under a plan to scupper their bonanza.
A decision against Tyson would scupper the planned fight against Lewis on April 6, and the world heavyweight champion is praying that will not happen.
A CITY councillor says claims that Coventry is the dirtiest city in England may be part of efforts to scupper the city's bid for the national stadium.
Union chiefs were furious at being labelled "wreckers" ready to side with the Tories to scupper reforms.