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a strong dislike

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Fans of the popular kids' TV series, set on Tyneside, will remember how Scunner, played by Iain Cuthbertson and 'The Muscles' as well as 'Tub', his gang, were responsible for terrorising the town of Chisleton.
Blessed with incredible powers, Granny becomes a thorn in the side of local felon The Scunner Campbell (Iain Cuthbertson).
For example, a search of the 100 million words of the British National Corpus finds no examples of scunner.
Is there that owre his French ragout, Or olio that would staw a sow, Or fricassee wad mak' her spew Wi' perfect scunner, Looks down wi' sneering, scornfu' view On sic a dinner
verses with common words like scunner, clarty, thrawn,
Emmy award-winning Super Gran was broadcast on Tyne Tees Television between 1985 and 1987, starring Gudrun Ure as the hero pensioner and Iain Cuthbertson as her arch enemy Scunner Campbell.
I have no scunner against Paul Laxalt, Reagan confidant and a well-liked senator, but I measure such men against the standard of my late friend and landsman Barber Conable, who for two decades represented us in the House with an integrity and placefulness that almost makes me believe that Madison's design once had a chance of succeeding.
The show was broadcast weekly, where Supergran used her special powers against the villain Scunner Campbell who wanted to own the machine and his sidekicks Muscles and Dustin.
This kids' favourite from TTTV saw Granny Smith (Gudrun Ure) fight the villainous Scunner Campbell and ride through the air on a two-wheel, multi-winged Flycycle.
Stop using this Euro 2016 tournament to scunner yourself about the things we haven't got and can't do.
She uses her abilities to fight arch enemy Scunner Campbell and protect the citizens of her town.
Git oot o' ma face, ya wee scunner - The expense accounts don't need auditing, sir
But it was also a bit of a scunner for Scotland's best-selling Edinburgh-based broadsheet, the Scotsman.