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a strong dislike

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Emmy award-winning Super Gran was broadcast on Tyne Tees Television between 1985 and 1987, starring Gudrun Ure as the hero pensioner and Iain Cuthbertson as her arch enemy Scunner Campbell.
I have no scunner against Paul Laxalt, Reagan confidant and a well-liked senator, but I measure such men against the standard of my late friend and landsman Barber Conable, who for two decades represented us in the House with an integrity and placefulness that almost makes me believe that Madison's design once had a chance of succeeding.
The show was broadcast weekly, where Supergran used her special powers against the villain Scunner Campbell who wanted to own the machine and his sidekicks Muscles and Dustin.
It's not an option unless they want to totally scunner their fans.
She uses her abilities to fight arch enemy Scunner Campbell and protect the citizens of her town.
But in 1985, he was back on TV as Scunner Campbell in Super Gran and minor roles followed in TV and film.
Git oot o' ma face, ya wee scunner - The expense accounts don't need auditing, sir
But it was also a bit of a scunner for Scotland's best-selling Edinburgh-based broadsheet, the Scotsman.
16 Scunner Campbell was the villainous character in which 1980s children's TV series with a theme song co-written by Billy Connolly?
And what a scunner it must be for cash-rich Godolphin to know they'll never come within spitting distance of the great man's achievements.
Supergran used her powers to fight Scunner Campbell and protect the citizens of her fictional home-town of Chisleton.
GRIN BONUS Crouch enjoys his early goal that helped Stoke scunner Wenger, inset, once again
Throughout the two series, Supergran uses her super-human powers to fight Scunner Campbell and protect the citizens of her fictional home-town of Chisleton.
That made me realise if someone takes a scunner against you, you cannot go in and plead the Leaving Cert, a 2:1 degree from Trinity and all the letters you get from people around the country.
When they eventually scunner fans to such an extent that no one turns up, the spectacle will look, well, anything other than a spectacle.