scum bag

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a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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ASK the general public to think of lowlife, scum bag professions and they'll probably come up with estate agent, double glazing salesman and insurance broker.
when people commit offences as serious as this and get a slap on the wrist and get anonymity so there is no way of banning this scum bag from our buses.
Like the scum bag who hit an airline cabin attendant with a vodka bottle and then blamed her for asking him to sit down?
And another posted: "No matter what way he goes he's going to die and if I was a Garda I'd batter him every day, little scum bag like him.
Some scum bag has cut the strap of the bag, taken it, emptied the contents of the purse and then dumped it.
Well done you Jackie Redmond On the former police officer jailed for child porn pictures This is despicable he should of got a lot longer children and families putting their trust in him well done for bringing him to justice though and naming and shaming the scum bag Dana Browne Staff who saved life of man who collapsed at school sports centre Paul, Jake and Sophie were all brilliant and reacted very quickly and professionally
On a serious note, it's not fair how the actions of a mindless scum bag can cause so much disruption and inconvenience for hard working people.
Dan Burton for accusing President Clinton of being a scum bag, M.
If only we could tattoo S for scum bag on ex-government minister Jonathan Aitken's slimy forehead.
Not the barman who serves the man with the keys in his hand,not the mate who offers him the drink in the first place, not the woman who watches from across the bar and says nothing, not the police chiefs who feel their officers' time is better spent elsewhere,not the girl (I hold my hands up) who thinks she's doing no harm in having one drink before driving home,and certainly not the scum bag who can recite the drink drive slogans chapter and verse yet still gets wasted then drives home.
It's wonderful to have such a real scum bag as Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pavaro) back in Coronation Street.
Raising his fist, Scott Delaney shouted: "You poxy bleeding scum bag.
Some very brave scum bag decided we had gone a bit over the top.
TO the scum bag who stole two vases from my dad's grave in Anfield cemetery on December 29 between 11.