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a small room (in large old British houses) next to the kitchen

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While it would be difficult to find a show (apart from Kiss Me Kate) that was more chauvinistic - assigning women to the scullery - it helps if the females are complacent.
With a liking for dark places - must be all the time spent chained to the scullery sink - we headed to the York Dungeon.
08 mA 69 - and cleaning and scullery at the refectory of the barracks "aminto caretto.
RAILWAY Terrace, Normanton, West Yorkshire, my birthplace, was knocked down 40 years ago (if not more) because it had outside lavatories and a bath in the scullery where you also cooked and did the washing.
It's laid out to provide for a two-storey family home, with a large farmhouse style kitchen with a four-oven Aga range, three principal reception rooms, a ground floor shower room, cloakroom, scullery, larder, storerooms and a useful cellar.
I lived in an overcrowded terraced flat, with an outside toilet that froze in winter and a bath under a bench in the scullery.
Male servants, and especially black ones, were meant to be seen, not tucked away in the kitchen or the scullery.
The house now is displayed as it would have been in the 19th century with a Victorian kitchen, scullery, laundry, brewhouse and family carriages in the coach house.
the system is connected scullery and pantry foundation.
A damn great cast-iron thing, it stood in a corner of the scullery, next to the shallow stone sink.
I went into the scullery which was clouded with steam and ladled out a bucketful of boiling water from the copper.
On the ground floor are three main reception rooms plus a breakfasting kitchen, utility, scullery, boiler room, cloakroom/toilet.
Set amid four acres of gardens, woodlands, tennis court andfield, this spacious 300-year-old Gothic mansion boasts nine bedrooms as well as a traditional scullery and flower room.
It's 6am in a tiny attic bedroom of the 101-roomed Manderston House as 22-year-old scullery maid Carly Ellen Beard drags herself from her straw mattress.