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Synonyms for scud

Synonyms for scud

the act of moving along swiftly (as before a gale)


run before a gale

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My brother U-turned in front of Scud's house and parked.
The Scud's lackluster performance was due, in part, to Iraqi modifications to the Scud design, which were intended to increase the range of the missile.
Corporal Turnball carried out two residual-vapor-detection tests for chemical and biological agents on January 20, shortly after the Scud hit "and both were positive," he says.
The report says that "although the |USAF~ Special Planning Group had planned since August 1990 to attack the fixed Scud sites, neither that group nor anyone else had devised, prior to the war, a search-and-destroy scheme for dealing with the mobile launchers."
The Patriots performed very poorly, even though during the war the press accepted without question the claim that the missiles had intercepted forty-five out of forty-seven incoming Scuds. But on the admission of the Pentagon, from recent testimony in Congress (see, for example, weapons designer and military analyst Pierre Sprey's testimony to the House Armed Services Committee on April 22) and from information coming out of Israel, it now appears that 157 Patriots were fired at 51 Scuds within Patriot "coverage"--the numbers vary slightly.
The new cassette, delivered first to Patriot batteries close to the Iraqi border, didn't arrive in Dhahran until the day after the Scud attack.
And they may be playing into the hands of Hussein's larger military strategy, in which the Scud is more an instrument of political terror than physical destruction.
My sister Karen brings round her dalmatian, Rosie, and she tears around garden with Scud for an hour.
The next, I see tears welling, as it dawns on them they will never see her again, they are no longer able to give her a stroke or a cuddle and they will not get the chance to shout "Scud! Leave!" one last time.
Meantime, a Scud missile struck a military base in Khamis Mushait region in Asir province.
Speaking after the Scud missile attack near to the city of Khamis Mushayt this morning, the UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said: "I condemn this morning's Scud missile attack on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that was fired from across the border with Yemen and endorse Saudi Arabia's right to take action to defend itself from such attacks."
In the northern Syrian town of Raqqa, the Iraqi jihadis paraded Scud D surface rockets capable of reaching Israel, Iraq and Jordan.
Jerusalem: Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ylon said on Sunday that Israel is closely monitoring the battlefronts in Syria after press reports that rebels had seized Scud missiles from regime forces.
Following Thursday's confirmation by the Secretary General of NATO that Syria had fired Scud missiles, online activists have uploaded footage appearing to show President Assad's forces launching the ballistic weapons.
At a(http:// press conference on Friday NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen confirmed that that Syrian government was using Scud missiles against the rebels, and consequently on their own people.