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divine by gazing into crystals

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It feels like a scene set not for writing but for scrying.
The limitations of this become most noticeable (and most frustrating) when Alice Neville, the wife of the man sent to bring Ramanujan to Cambridge, serves as the scrying glass.
Szony investigates the influence of both Paracelsus and popular magic on Dee's scrying practices.
They will be kitted out with specialist detection equipment, including EMF meters, non-contact thermometers and scrying mirrors.
With his collaborator, Edward Kelley, Dee sought to communicate with angels via a scrying stone, in the belief that they would reveal to him the secrets of the Philosopher's Stone (which turns all base metals into gold), but his increasing obsession with deciphering their patterns of communication (dictated to him by Kelley) ultimately led to his downfallGrant has mirrored all these layers of activity within Dee's story by carefully allocating specific verbal rhythms to the different types of character within the narrative.
Third, we might learn whether there is consistency among cultures in ways to develop and employ psi; for instance, the placing of a drop of oil on the fingernail of a child in Bali, who then sees an image of a scene where one can, for example, find a lost object, seems to be a special case of scrying (Kelly & Locke, 1981).
While in the book I focus on how Thoreau marries hermetic scrying and scientific crystallography-the occult and the factual--in his various descriptions of ice, here I attend to Thoreau's scientific senses of crystal and how they relate specifically to Walden.
The method of substitution works an immediate change in Pauline--in fact it is revelatory; she walks home thinking of ordinary things, not scrying ahead for a glimpse of her other self.
We found the same clefts and crevices, transgressions and disintegrations, lures and deceptions beneath, no matter what surface we were scrying.
Scrying in the crystal, he concluded that light, like all matter, is comprised of minute, indivisible atoms, and that light moves, as does everything else, through the agency of gravitational attraction and repulsion.
From the Norse neopaganism of Asatru to Christian countercult refutations of it, from Tibetan Buddhist prayer bowls and thangka paintings to Wiccan scrying bowls that come with easy-to-follow instructions, from a disenfranchised Catholic bishop exiled to a non-existent North African diocese to a cyber-monastery established exclusively for non-resident students of Zen, the only thing that seems crystal clear is that the presence of religion on the Internet will only expand .
As a parlor game, scrying and divination may indeed stimulate the imagination, as Pickover points out (392), but the fact remains that they are often taken seriously as guides to conduct, to the potential detriment of individuals and society.
In the form of divination known as scrying, a practitioner presumes to plumb the depths of hidden knowledge by concentrating on a smooth, clear, or reflective surface.
She was merely a narratologist, a being of secondary order, whose days were spent hunched in great libraries scrying, interpreting, decoding the fairy-tales of childhood and the vodka-posters of the grown-up world, the unending romances of golden coffee-drinkers; and the impeded couplings of doctors and nurses, dukes and poor maidens, horsewomen and musicians.