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divine by gazing into crystals

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While evidence exists for Dee's use of at least four scryers, the long gaps in the spirit diaries suggest that the identities of some scryers may not be known.
Edward Kelly and Dee's other scryers could not have realized these images; their limits were the claps of thunder and flaming swords of the Elizabethan theater.
32 Dee's four known scryers were Barnabas Saul, Edward Kelly, Arthur Dee, and Bartholomew Hickman.
John Dee - and not the angels, or the scryer - therefore, provided the coherence to the angel conversations.
Dee's interest in alchemy became more marked during the period when he was engaged in the angel conversations, and his scryer Edward Kelly was a key participant in the alchemical experiments that Dee undertook between 1583 and 1587.
While these inconsistencies may well indicate an imperfect knowledge of the alchemical art, these points of departure did not undermine Dee's confidence in his scryer.
59) Biblical symbolism could provide an additional symbolic system for Dee and his scryer to draw upon, for angels play a prominent role in the Bible's apocalyptic book of Revelation.