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Synonyms for scrutinize


Synonyms for scrutinize

to look at carefully or critically

to look at or on attentively or carefully

Synonyms for scrutinize

to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail

examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification

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I heard that de Leon once tried to scrutinize the provident fund when he was the PNP comptroller, and it scared the hell out of these officials, but the wishes of the 'influential' people still prevailed.
I expect the PTI would approach High Court (HC) against this order because it has been the attitude of PTI that they always move high court to obtain stay order regarding any order passed against them.' It is hoped that this procedure will be followed to scrutinize the accounts of other political parties, he added.
Hopefully, these penalties will drive the industry to more carefully scrutinize itself, to regulate itself, to instill newer philosophies in its operations and to initiate models of good care.
The parties shall setup the project Steering and Scrutinizing Committees to look after the overall policy formulation, implementation and outcomes as set in the PC-1 and to scrutinize the eligibility of each applicant before subsidizing the stitching center respectively.
ISLAMABAD -- An important talk of cabinet members to be held on Monday to scrutinize performance of the federal ministers and determine the prospects.
The US president's comment, in one of a series of post-election tweets, comes as Democrats prepared to take over control of the House, where they are poised to scrutinise Trump administration policies, prompting the president to scrutinize the very idea that anyone should be able to scrutinise him.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Police have decided to scrutinize and file the personal record of domestic servants in the relevant police stations due to alarming rise in theft cases.
In her book Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health, Laurie Garrett reports that the federal government is failing to scrutinize imported food to reduce the amounts of disease-producing organisms that get into this country.
Other issues: The IRS also plans to scrutinize two other areas.
He acknowledges the importance of experimentation but argues that the world would be better served if physicists would more thoroughly scrutinize their work from philosophical and metaphysical perspectives.
Applauding the decision to release the draft for public comment, TEI's president noted that the deliberate approach "made it possible for members and the public to scrutinize the specific proposals in a timely manner" and to identify problems with the proposals when it is still possible to do something about them.
The London conference began with a spirited rally at the Friends Meeting House (those Quakers don't scrutinize either, the softies!).
In terms of policing hours worked or not worked for purposes of overtime compensation under the FLSA, managers should closely scrutinize practices during supposedly dutyfree "unpaid" meal periods, particularly on patient/resident floors, and immediately before and after shift starting and ending times.
Dowling's criticism rightly encourages us to scrutinize Milton's language and rhetoric with great care; moreover, he shows how Milton self-consciously distorts or misreads historical sources so that, when scrutinized by his learned reader, his selective history of early Christian Rome becomes a story of continuous ecclesiastical usurpation and tyranny.
Gillian Wearing (who also had her first solo show at City Racing) filmed herself dancing around to no discernible beat, sometimes wearing a Walkman, in Peckham's shopping mall; and in her latest video piece she bandages her face in a fair impersonation of the Invisible Woman, then takes a walk down South London's tacky Walworth Road, turning the camera to scrutinize passersby who respond with typical British reserve.