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The scrutineers then add up the results of each round of balloting and write the results down on a separate sheet of paper which is preserved in the papal archives.
The first scrutineer takes a ballot, notes the name on it, and passes it to the second scrutineer.
Hamilton also had the satisfaction of beating Alonso considering it was the Spaniard's moaning that led to the appointment of the scrutineer.
Dan Jones, chief technical scrutineer, said: "Having supported Learn to Win each year since its inception, I am continually impressed by the year-on-year improvement demonstrated by the teams that attend.
There is no electronic voting machine or risk of e-fraud: as the votes are counted, a scrutineer calls out the name and a needle and thread is passed through each ballot.
THAT late monocled scrutineer of the heavens, Patrick Moore, was a great supporter of the Liverpool John Moores telescope in the Canaries.
Coun Deirdre Alden, head of the city health scrutiny committee, was named national Scrutineer of the Year.
Bearing in mind an FIA scrutineer was overseeing all that unfolded in the McLaren garage today, Hamilton put an honest appraisal on his role.
In an effort to ensure fair play at Interlagos on October 21, a FIA spokesman confirmed: "A scrutineer is to be appointed for the Brazilian Grand Prix.
It may be necessary to hold a lottery supervised by an independent scrutineer.
Mike Leigh is a merciless scrutineer of life in modern-day Britain.
Mr Alloway and a scrutineer - who was also struck but was unhurt - were standing yards from the finish of the Regal 600cc, held before a full house of 50,000 spectators.
Alastair Stevenson, electric vehicle scrutineer, said: "Learn to Win offers teams an opportunity to have their assumptions challenged.
Labour councillor Nigel Cooke, who represents Hardwick, was named Scrutineer of the Year at a ceremony which recognises the work of councillors from all political parties.
If the scrutineer doesn't think the car is safe to race then you'll have to fix it.