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Synonyms for scrupulousness

Synonyms for scrupulousness

conformity to high standards of ethics or excellence

strict attention to minute details

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Comparetti, however, did not complete his research of Italian folktales with the same rigor or scrupulousness.
Such restraint is, however, most immediately legible as evidence of the book's intellectual scrupulousness.
This kind of job requires a big deal of meticulousness and scrupulousness.
The chapter evinces a level of scrupulousness in its analysis and conclusions that would be appropriate for assessing accusations of individual criminal responsibility, but seem unduly tentative with regard to possible responsibility of the Hamas "authorities.
In service to the interest in selling products, sellers have historically not exercised a great deal of scrupulousness over niceties such as truth or falsity or social welfare.
74, Alexander Hamilton argued that vesting such an important power in one person would "inspire scrupulousness and caution," while giving the power to a group increases the likelihood that "they might often encourage each other in an act of obduracy, and might be less sensible to the apprehension of suspicion or censure for an injudicious or affected clemency.
Yet his scrupulousness made him enemies and, disillusioned with official corruption and Karzai's leadership, he left the cabinet in 2004.
The narrative of Haydee's jailed husband (an influential diplomat turned journalist) has the thoughtless naivete of her class, but that is due more to her scrupulousness in narrating and religious upbringing.
Their French counterparts brought to American New Critical formal scrupulousness and regional awareness a philosophic breadth that ushered in, as early as the mid-1970s, Faulkner's central place in the larger Western canon.
With a characteristic mix of scrupulousness and opacity, Tennyson writes, well after the fact, to S.
The register of scrupulousness, far from enhancing the authentic (as it does in Stendhal, for instance), tends to haze it over and to dissolve it.
I've hinted at reservations concerning Heath's editing, but sometimes The Creator as Critic is frustrating because of his scrupulousness.
Commercial cases are generally not prosecuted in volume; there is more latitude to be meticulous and the fee structure underwrites scrupulousness in attending to settlement preliminaries.
Head's scrupulousness in doing the oral history research for both the Serowe and Khama texts, and the many, many months of library research and correspondence with established researchers in which she engaged before she completed these texts testify to her respect for local, African realities and knowledge bases as much as to her own intellectual capacities and academic thoroughness, even though her formal education had ended at what would at present be termed Grade Ten (see e.
It is impossible not to cheer the scrupulousness of the bullion dealer.