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Synonyms for scrunch

Synonyms for scrunch

to incline the body

Synonyms for scrunch

a crunching noise

Related Words

make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants

sit on one's heels

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Scrunch and swipe past your hair, just glancing your hands over your curls to smooth any overnight frizziness.
At the conclusion of the training, the group was able to produce Sinugpon (banana fiber thread) and 5 designs of banana fiber scrunch.
We're not close to that in England, but I thought we were definitely ready for the scrunch butt and where better to launch a glamorous celebrity-inspired fashion range than in Liverpool?
The silicone Scrunch Bucket is a fully-functioning sandcastlebuilding device but which can be folded or rolled up to take up minimal space when not in use.
Clockwise from top: SKLZ Sport-Brella; The Transporter; Twister Towel; Scrunch Bucket; Beachbouy Waterproof Case; Family Sports Bag
It is at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield on June 3 and features a white paper world in which three friends, Rip, Fold and Scrunch, learn all about friendship and how to play.
Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh says that peering at a small screen causes your face to scrunch up, creating an area of tension around and between the brows, reports the Daily Mail.
If hair starts straightenin' by noon, mist with water and scrunch to reactivate.
Nothing rejuvenates the look of curls quicker than a spritz and a scrunch using Matte Sea Spray provides long-lasting volume, definition, and texture in a mess-up or tousled style.
So we all sat for what felt like a long time, on pause, occupying space, self-reflexive and aware of our own choices to speak or to stay quiet, to stretch out or to scrunch up.
Can you lift your knees to run in place, scrunch up your nose, and wrinkle your face?
They may, for example, scrunch up where other leaves of the same species lie flat.
And not only would I turn my nose up at those who would deign scrunch their snouts in response to our counter's undeniable aroma, I would all but hiss at those who dared balk at our prices.
Scrunch your hand together to ensure they're well blended, then swipe over legs, arms and beyond.