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Synonyms for scrumptiously

so as to produce a delightful taste

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THE greatest pleasure of provincial newspapers is their ability to probe small-time but scrumptiously revealing dishonesties and misdeeds.
Your recipe will turn out scrumptiously if enveloped in nothing more than an oiled brown paper bag or heavy brown paper.
The inside of the diaper, which lies against baby's skin, is a scrumptiously soft microchamois which is 100% hypo-allergenic and no-pill.
Both remained of the excellent standard we had become accustomed to during the evening and were served with a scrumptiously light vanilla ice cream.
Their scrumptiously seasoned pastrami sandwich may not be strictly kosher, but it's piled sky high on a sturdy rye and will cure those hot pastrami blues in a New York minute.
This book can be viewed as a commentary on dietary habits or a celebration of the scrumptiously appalling--or, as one reviewer commented, "Warning: Don't eat before, during, or after you've seen this.
This is a collection of twelve scrumptiously arousing stories which will have the reader breathing uncontrollably and certain areas of their body pulsating from within.
The space in which he might have shared more information is given over to the photos that are so numerous and scrumptiously printed as to seem the book's entire raison d'etre.
95 - Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel, two scrumptiously sweet soaps, Lemony Flutter cuticle cream, Pop in the Bath and The Comforter bubble bars and a Think Pink bath ballistic
Hats on, aprons tied and eager to get started, five amateur cooks ventured into chef Matt's kitchen ready to learn how to dish up a risotto with lobster, a lamb salad nicoise and a scrumptiously rich chocolate fondant.
The box explains that Zacapa, Guatamala, where this scrumptiously thick rum originated, "is a land bathed by the fire of volcanoes and the water from two oceans; it is a land where spring reigns eternally.
Usually the individual/family pays a certain fee up front to receive a weekly allotment of scrumptiously seasonal food from the farmer.
Remembering a long-ago visit to a county fair, another chapter of A Fair Tale magically conflates found and new footage, not to mention Native American rain dancers, erratic skydivers, and scrumptiously greasy-looking food.
As these tuneful tributes go, Sunday afternoon's smoothly staged homage to the music of John Kander and lyrics of Fred Ebb went down as scrumptiously as a parfait on a warm, late September day.
Jenna (Keri Russell) is a "pie genius," having inherited her late mother's gift for thinking up scrumptiously imaginative baked goods.