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(rugby) the method of beginning play in which the forwards of each team crouch side by side with locked arms

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We pride ourselves on how we scrummage and how we try to be effective, but we try to scrum square and scrum legally - or as legally as anyone can," said Best.
Chester were penalised at the resulting scrummage and Hinchliffe took the penalty points.
Eddie Jones fired his own salvo, with the England head coach declaring that Wales scrummage "terribly illegally" due to repeatedly pre-engaging.
The first salvo was fired on Thursday by Wales forwards coach Robin McBryde, who declared that "Marler definitely needs to scrummage legally, otherwise we will be pointing a finger".
I'm quite upset about the way they scrummage," Jones told BBC Radio Five Live.
Participants were requested to scrummage in their usual manner with maximum effort, but maintain a linear progression either directly forwards or backwards within the video analysis area of the rugby field.
But you look at more recent stuff to get an idea of how they scrummage and then see what's caused them trouble in the past and try to formulate a strategy that will help you implement that.
After analysing detailed video footage of the Leicester prop, Ruddock is concerned that White could scrummage at an angle, boring in on Wales' hooker Mefin Davies, instead of scrummaging straight on.
The truck is driven by ex-England and Lion lock Nigel Horton and carries the Predator high-tech scrummage machine, which the Lions sometimes use.
The try came when Blaydon then collapsed the scrummage five metres out.
If Joubert is close by, and has told Marler he wants him to scrummage straight, the England man is hardly going to go into Samson Lee crooked.
On Thursday McBryde called on England prop Joe Marler to scrummage straight at Twickenham as the war of words intensified.
Marler definitely needs to scrummage legally otherwise we will be pointing the finger," Wales forwards coach Robin McBryde fired back.
I have asked the front row to try and scrummage a little bit differently, because we've got to be legal, but we've got to be effective and it's getting that balance right.
Shortly before the Australian had offered his views unprompted, Wales forwards coach Robin McBryde declared that England prop Joe Marler "definitely needs to scrummage legally, otherwise we will be pointing the finger".