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the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water

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METHODS: A prospective randomised controlled trial was conducted at Sagar Hospital Jayanagar, Bangalore from October 2013 to February 2014 after ethical committee clearance with the non-inferiority hypothesis that 'Dry scrubbing' was not inferior to the 'Wet scrubbing.
Most household scrubbing pads are too abrasive for natural stone surfaces, leaving scratches that require costly repair.
InPro Interior Coating 2500 is 16 times more durable than average paint, standing up to extreme amounts of scrubbing and washing without fading, according to the company.
The Elcometer K1720 Abrasion Scrubbing and Washability Tester is suitable for testing to either BS EN ISO 11998 or ASTM D 2486, using different brushes from the wide range of brushes available.
The Coarse scrub uses corn cob powder as its abrasive and is perfect for metal cookware, dirty sinks and even scrubbing vegetables.
A second oblique reference to scrubbing is found slightly later in 1889 at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where scrub nurse Caroline Hampton is described washing her hands with a solution of carbolic acid and mercuric chloride.
INTRODUCTION: Use of new methods for prevention of communicable diseases and infection control, nowadays in most operating rooms involves the surgical team scrubbing with an efficient agent for a short time, while in more of our operating rooms, traditional use of routine hand scrub (Betadine more than 3 min) is common.
For further exfoliating effects, leave the scrub on for a minute or two without scrubbing.
And unless you want rough sandpapery skin, make sure you slather on a rich cream after the scrubbing.
And unless you want rough, sandpapery skin, make sure you slather on a rich cream after the scrubbing.
Scrubbing your body does not mean scrubbing your tan off.
Two high-speed cylindrical brushes provide aggressive scrubbing along with dust-free debris pick up.
By means of scrubbing, new sands show a decrease in the level of thermal expansion, and dust produced by the scrubbing shows a high level of thermal expansion.
It will take a lot of scrubbing, and you probably won't get the super-shiny look of new aluminum, but it will be an improvement and is essentially the best you can do.