scrub pine

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common small shrubby pine of the eastern United States having straggling often twisted or branches and short needles in bunches of 2

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Shadowed by an overhang of scrub pine, it was invisible from the ridge a short rifle shot above.
Because its soil is sandy and acidic, southern New Jersey's Pine Barrens wilderness area is inhospitable to most crops and plants, save for hardy species like blueberries and scrub pines.
One early autumn morning, a springer spaniel and I hunted upslope from an alder bottom into a jumble of berry brambles, willows and scattered scrub pines.
Ask Steve Ciras why he hikes and backpacks, and he'll mention the view of the northern lights from a remote mountain lake, sleeping in a tent from sunset to sunrise, and the smell of Christmas coming from scrub pines in alpine zones.
I shot the big boar in the waning light on an early Match hunt, and it was completely dark by the time Imhoff and I set off to track it with only flashlights through the maze of greenbriers and scrub pines.
In a sweep over the lake as we come in for a landing, the fish are evident down below as murky, black pools, a striking contrast to the brilliant, aquamarine water and the spongy, khaki-colored tundra, populated by scrub pines, stunted birch and black spruce trees, and moldy sedges and grasses.
This is the land of the born-again, Bible-thumping Southern Baptist who finds his religion every Sunday in a whitewashed cinderblock church amid the scrub pines next to the trailer park.