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any of various chiefly American small shrubby oaks often a dominant form on thin dry soils sometimes forming dense thickets

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I was just reaching full draw as they turned to run, and I sent a second shaft into my bull just as he whirled around, sprinted down hill and disappeared into a patch of scrub oaks.
3) Scrub oaks killed in May's fire no longer provide a habitat for smaller animals such as the Catalina Island fox.
Some routinely grow to heights of 150 feet, while others like the California blue oak, stay at 50 feet and some, like the scrub oaks, remain shrubs.
This one and two others were bedded in the shade of the scrub oaks trying to escape the 90-degree temps.
Huge granite boulders formed the outer rim of this bowl, and scrub oaks hung heavy with tiny acorns.
In the island's secluded interior, dotted with island scrub oaks and alive with birdsong, Hodgen said goodbye to ``her babies.
Coast live oaks, valley oaks and scrub oaks pepper the landscape.
Plans call for 24 live oaks and 51 scrub oaks to be removed, and an equal number of trees replanted elsewhere on the property, Gerstenberger said.
At this time of year, having survived for months on only a pittance of precipitation, the leaves of some scrub oaks have closed up like clams so as to minimize water loss.
Covered with pinyon pines and scrub oaks on its north face, thick pine forests on its south, cut by steep narrow canyons, the Pleasant View area is now crossed by only a few trails, including the High Desert National Recreational Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail that runs near its southern edge.
Little shade is provided by the California scrub oaks along the way, however, and it is imperative - particularly as the summer months approach - to carry plenty of water.
Along the Mount Hamilton range, where thorny star thistle grows thick among the scrub oaks and sienna-hued brush, coyotes roam freely on an endless search for red foxes, ground-nesting birds and baby wild hogs.
All but 100 of the 6,000 oak trees and scrub oaks on the property would be saved.
The mural, painted in water-based acrylics, depicts a stage pulled by a team of six horses riding through a valley dotted with scrub oaks.
Smooth boulders, shaded by scrub oaks and sugar sumacs, invite the weary to rest.