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any of various chiefly American small shrubby oaks often a dominant form on thin dry soils sometimes forming dense thickets

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The scrub oaks are the largest of the trees and they are spindly and stunted, not in the least suited for treestands.
I was just reaching full draw as they turned to run, and I sent a second shaft into my bull just as he whirled around, sprinted down hill and disappeared into a patch of scrub oaks.
3) Scrub oaks killed in May's fire no longer provide a habitat for smaller animals such as the Catalina Island fox.
Broadmouth Canyon Ranch is the brainchild of retired Denver Bronco-great Rulon Jones; its 3,000 fenced acres are a haven for Rocky Mountain elk that roam freely across this rugged expanse of sage, scrub oak and pine.
As I approached my preselected stand location 3 hours later, four bucks burst from the palmettos and scrub oaks -- the big guy I'd seen earlier and three other bucks, exceptional by Florida standards.
The final three attributes are related to habitat structure: percentage of the ground covered with living vegetation in summer, which is a good index of the physical arrangement of plant biomass; the relative representation of rosemary (averaged over all sizes), which indicates nearness to the "open-canopied type" of scrub; and the relative representation of scrub oaks (averaged over all species and sizes), which indicates nearness to the "closed-canopied type" of scrub.
Another insect that depends on periodic fires for its population's survival is the inland barrens buck moth, a flashy black and white moth about the size of a monarch butterfly that feeds exclusively on scrub oaks and lays its eggs on young shoots.
Of interest are the fact that Thoreau refers to the shrub oak stand as a woodlot and the observation that scrub oaks had not yet spread onto the abandoned field that contained pitch pine.
The second physiognomic type had a more open canopy of shorter, less densely stocked, stunted trees, with a generally extensive shrub layer of either scrub oaks or ericaceous shrubs.
Zattau found the Presleys' scrub jay habitat to be "highly marginal" to begin with, and the couple's agreement to maintain a certain amount of habitat, as well as enhance it by planting scrub oaks, was judged adequate.
Otherwise, palmettos, gallberries, and scrub oaks will crowd the open forest stands, becoming tinder for hot fires on dry summer days that can reach the tree crowns and kill the pines.
Some routinely grow to heights of 150 feet, while others like the California blue oak, stay at 50 feet and some, like the scrub oaks, remain shrubs.
This one and two others were bedded in the shade of the scrub oaks trying to escape the 90-degree temps.
Huge granite boulders formed the outer rim of this bowl, and scrub oaks hung heavy with tiny acorns.
Just one week after the Sunrise Fire, tiny green sprouts pushed up through the ashes that blanketed the base of scrub oaks.