scrub oak

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any of various chiefly American small shrubby oaks often a dominant form on thin dry soils sometimes forming dense thickets

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Quail, too, like the scrub oak acorns and are fun and delicious targets for the still hunting archer.
The sign improved with each of our careful steps, but then it came to an abrupt end between a saw palmetto head and a tangle of vines and scrub oak.
After having fun clearing trees and scrub oak, constructing a road, building a pond and digging foundations he realized the potential for a business opportunity and the concept for Dig This was formed.
All is hawthorn, ash, scrub oak, pasture, Sitka spruce reforestation.
Instead of using the more general carbon storage data from the IPCC, ABS provided carbon storage studies of the native-site ecosystem known as scrub oak.
However, collared peccaries usually occur in brushy semi-desert, prickly pear, chaparral, and scrub oak habitats (Schmidly, 2004).
The Figure in the Doorway The grade surmounted, we were riding high Through level mountains nothing to the eye But scrub oak, scrub oak and the lack of earth That kept the oaks from getting any girth.
Pine Valley Overlook Bracing ourselves with the canes, grabbing branches of shrubbery and scrub oak when we could, we climbed the slippery slope to the top without falling on our posteriors.
Walking through an old cemetery, whether it is on a high mountainside strewn with wildflowers or on a wind-beaten prairie with scrub oak and tumbleweeds, I feel a tangible connection to the people of the past.
I grew up in chaparral country and my early memories of it come from Boy Scout hikes, trudging through mile upon mile of prickly scrub oak and manzanita, worrying about rattlesnakes and pleading futilely for shade.
A new species, Channel Islands scrub oak (Quercus pacifica), was described in 1994.
A greater fire frequency will consistently maintain the scrub oak species below acorn-bearing height and may slowly favor the spread of palmettos at the expense of oaks; at a lower frequency, pine forests with a tall dense understory of oaks will prevail (Meyers 1990).
Today, Steinauer explains, they've either been developed or invaded by pitch pine and scrub oak.
Contractors treat the district's deciduous species, which include ash, locust, maple, oak, aspen and scrub oak, as well as a variety of coniferous species.