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a nurse who helps a surgeon prepare for surgery

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Saucer-eyed Scrub Nurse quickly threw on my surgical garb, and the OR team parted to give me access to the bloody mess.
Our scrub nurse had some bad gas--don't ever trust the cafeteria's tacos
Review of Major Studies Quantifying Radiation Exposure to the Assisting and Nursing Staff during Urologic Procedures Medical Number of Types of Number Author Personnel Procedures Procedures 1 Bush, Jones, & Assisting 77 PCNL Brannen, 1985 nurse 2 Lowe, Auster, Beck, Surgical 7 PCNL Chang, & Marshall, assistant 1986 Scrub nurse 7 PCNL Circulating 6 PCNL nurse 3 Rao et al.
Having an experienced theatre scrub nurse makes a huge difference.
Last ever patient, Christopher Holmes from Prestatyn, underwent cataract surgery by surgeon Mr David Saunders and scrub nurse Sister Alwenna Shacklady HM Stanley Eye Unit, St Asaph, staff pictured on the final day (yesterday) Pics: ROBERT PARRY JONES
Each surgery seemed similar to the last--the surgeon and scrub nurse put on the same cotton surgical gowns that had been washed and autoclaved from the previous day's surgeries.
Former scrub nurse Karen Hall, aged 47, claimed she was constructively dismissed from her job at Selly Oak Hospital after she alleged senior staff ignored her claims of malpractice.
Often when people think of theatre nurses, the scrub nurse role comes to mind but this is just one of the roles we undertake--we do so much more than this.
Scrub Nurse Shiny Thomas, handed him a small towel which was inserted in a cavity under the heart.
Working as a scrub nurse gave me the experience of working in the surgical field.
The operation took under four hours and was carried out by three surgeons, an anaesthetist, a scrub nurse and a team of skilled theatre staff.
That's because every surgeon, scrub nurse, and operating room layout creates a unique environment with differing physical parameters and interpersonal dynamics.
It takes several observations because every surgeon, scrub nurse and operating room layout creates a unique environment with differing physical parameters and interpersonal dynamics.
A scrub nurse suggested that laparoscopy sheaths don't leak.
Jacqueline Simonetta, a Physicians Assistant, participated in the surgery along with Mary Anna Licata, an RN, who was the scrub nurse for the surgery.