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a brush with short stiff bristles for heavy cleaning

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The Foot Scrub Brush will save its users time, effort, and strain when cleaning a shower or tub.
Then grab your scrub brush and gloves and wash the entire grill (Photo 1).
They were in my back tag holder, pinned to my jacket and must have gotten caught on a branch as I moved through scrub brush.
Clean rope With general purpose scrub brush and cleaning compound
It is simply moved from one space, to another, and then a final space; the red rocks and scrub brush behind my home.
He had cut about one acre of trees consisting mainly of scrub brush and black walnut, in the process of removing an old kiln yard.
When she picks up a scrub brush, you should pick up the phone and call a therapist.
Products include Grip, pictured, a scrub brush that uses a natural, replaceable loofah to clean.
Among the topics discussed are European Union public support instruments to industry as drivers to achieve sustainability results, the role of labor in negotiating international framework agreements, mining and corporate social responsibility in Papua New Guinea, the public relations of broadcasting advocates in the UK, incorporating stakeholder perspectives into entrepreneurship research, corporate social responsibility and hydropower development, and responsible business scrub brush camps in Sri Lanka.
The airplane came to rest in a field of scrub brush.
The inhabitants of the Mesa, an undeveloped, virtually unreachable expanse of sand and scrub brush, have a system and a code that prevent their small civilization from collapsing into total chaos.
1 -- cover -- color) MONOGRAM: Handwoven and made of natural coir, the mat features strong bristles that ditch dirt like a scrub brush.
The line of cleansers includes antimicrobial surgical hand scrubs, and when used with a FoamCare Double Scrub brush, the scrubs are appropriate for use in operating rooms and for outpatient surgery.
This is no ordinary piece of real estate: Far underground, nearly 2,150 feet below the scrub brush and cactus, is an enormous excavated network of three sturgeon species in the Caspian Sea - the world's largest lake bordering the former Soviet Union.
We were told that, as we went through the scrub brush in the dark, land mines would be detonated.