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Synonyms for scrounge



Synonyms for scrounge

collect or look around for (food)

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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Palos Verdes makes no apologies for its style of soccer, which relies on scrounging for goals, then playing stingy defense to hold onto the lead.
The scrounging, 12-strong Crompton clan think they've got it tough.
Being his own director and cinematographer, lugging equipment, scrounging for funding, persevering through adversity--sounds like Richard Stringer is a worthy descendent of his episcopal grandfather.
He discusses the legal and social implications, the experience of scrounging, items found, selling and sharing, the use of found objects for art and specific artworks, and the general problem of consumption and its impact on scrounging.
Those who remain in their home areas have been reduced to sleeping in the open and scrounging food where they can.
Certainly both author and reader easily get caught up in the details of this absurd project: scrounging bushels of free corks, pressuring friends to help, and ultimately navigating a strange and quirky river--nearly always against the wind.
She has never harmed anyone and she is spending her own money, not scrounging or thieving.
Around the world, as in La Grande Jatte, scrounging animals share the landscape with humans.
Wolf packs often turn out to be bigger than predicted by the theories of animal behaviorists, and a new analysis points to a previously underappreciated factor: the scrounging genius of ravens.
Some of you older soldiers may remember scrounging around bushes and roadsides looking for returnable soda bottles when you were a kid.
FLOODING spread further through east Germany yesterday, leaving emergency crews scrounging for sandbags to shore up crumbling dikes as the country faced its biggest relief effort since World War II.
In scrounging for money, more people may be tapping another major source of coins--their piggy banks.
Jahal Akbar, 10, also puts in a 10-hour day, scrounging through the city's garbage dumps for plastic, aluminum, and other recyclable materials he can resell.
Singer and his underground friends, who took on the roles of both actors and crew, went through seven years of scrounging, begging and borrowing to make their grainy black-and-white 16mm film.
Every quarter involves a frantic scurrying for sales and a scrounging for last-minute profit dollars.